Prequel Trilogy denounces the hatred against the new Star Wars films, but the author is an anti-Prequels troll


From Observer:

” […] Something is deeply broken among the Star Wars faithful. Respectable discourse has deterioriated completely as a small but determined minority of “fans” turn to the Dark Side—hate-spewing assholes looking to ruin the party for everyone, and often succeeding. […]

When J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm released the first teaser for The Force Awakens in 2014roughly one year ahead of its premiere, it was dissected, analyzed and judged to a greater degree than any other Star Wars product ever before (the trailer generated a then-record of 112 million views online within its first 24 hours).

Immediately, fans began taking sides, with many excited at the prospect of Episode VII, but plenty more dismayed (one eye-opening tweet I remember seeing at the time criticized the trailer for having “Tracy Morgan” pop up out of nowhere).

It was a far more widely divisive ecosystem with even more negativity than the prequel era. Those trailers didn’t generate nearly the same level of aggressive skepticism, and this trend has continued through the sequel trilogy. […]

The internet will always house trolls. Despite their inevitable presence, these figures seem to be most drawn to blockbuster franchises (some fans of the DC superhero movies are known to share a similar temperament), emerging with ultra-aggressive takes and bullying journalists, actors, directors and fans who don’t share their views.

It is in these self-constructed online echo chambers in which these kinds of issues first begin to sprout and inevitably lead to conflict.

Ultimately, despite all of the benefits that the internet and social media provide in disseminating information and improving communications, it may have torn down the healthy manner in which we used to consume and debate cinema. […]

It can’t be easy to see a friend of more than four decades head down a path you’re not comfortable with. But if your fandom has calcified to the point where you’re only seeking out the negatives and looking to cut others down over their enjoyment of the series, then you’re not even a fan at all.

You’re just a sad little troll.”

The author of the article is Brandon Katz. Here are some of his great contributions to a civilized and respectful debate on Star Wars.

“Obviously, the prequels sucked.” (source)

“Yes, the prequels were truly heinous pieces of cinema. The Dark Side of filmmaking, if you will. As a devoted nerd and lover of Star Wars, I hardly even acknowledge these films existence. […]

But, as someone who had the misfortunate to witness the prequels, I also acknowledge that [the new set of movies] can be a continued shit storm.” (source)

“Those movies straight up suck.

The disappointing prequels frayed the franchise’s reverence in the eyes of many fans (I’m not bitter, you’re bitter) and dulled a bit of the shine generated from the original trilogy. They also hurt a new generation of potential fans. Imagine the first new Star Wars release in your lifetime was The Phantom Menace; how would that theater-going experience shape your opinion of the series?” (source)


  • KirkMan1701

    Still vehemently obsessing over the SW prequels and all who enjoy them to this bloody day even long after George Lucas left Star Wars, tragic! This LUNARtic named Brandon Katz is complaining that his girlfriend’s teen brother merely likes the SW prequels saying how he “failed as an educator”, just goes to show that his ilk try to shove their Star Wars opinions down others’ throats.

    “My girlfriend’s 13 year old brother loves the prequels. I have failed as an educator.” – Brandon the LEMtic

    I worry that he will force his kids to late the SW prequel like he does instead of helping them be the best people they can be, he wants to be an autocrat like plenty of other prequel-bashing parental figures etc. Hence if this LEMtic ever has kids, Child Protective Services should take them away and he should go see a very strict psychiatrist in order to crack down on his unhealthy obsession preferably before he has any kids. He is no educator, he is just a brainwashing autocrat and propagandist and his girlfriend’s little brother simply sees through his bullsh*t and he is all pissed off about it.

    Hateboys like this just reek of epic insecurity since they see even the mere existence of the SW prequels and anyone merely enjoying them (something that is NOT effecting them at all) as a dire threat and bane to their existence. If you don’t like the SW prequels; then FINE, just don’t foist it onto other people (especially kids and teens) nor get so obsessed over it.

    Double Dumb*ss on you Brandon Katz!

  • joanne the geek

    I’ve been thinking about writing an article about some of the Star Wars fan base too. There’s too much hate. I’ve loved all the Star Wars films so far and I don’t understand why some people seem to be going out of their way to spread hatred about them and yet claim to be fans.

  • PrinceOfNaboo

    These people like Katz are just ridiculous. They created and cultivated a toxic fandom. So what they get to experience now is just what they see when looking at the mirror.

    • KirkMan1701

      I agree 100% since they are getting a taste of their own medicine when other people bash the Sequel Trilogy that they love, hence they are reaping what they have sown for so long. How the sequel trilogy bashers make them feel should be a clue that their prequel-bashing fanaticism has caused others that same misery for many years and that they need to drop the subject and stop. But of course they won’t stop no matter how much their precious toxic nostalgia-soaked sequel trilogy is bashed and instead double down on their bad behavior.

      For all of their talk about how the prequels supposedly “ruined” Star Wars, two of them; Jitty Jitty Abrams and his best friend Simon Peggy, flat out ruined Star Trek of all things with their abominable Nu-Trek trilogy.

      People like Brandon Katz are why I left all non-prequel parts of Star Wars fandom.


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