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Solo: A Star Wars Story took “a good-natured poke” at the Prequels, reveals writer Jon Kasdan


Solo: A Star Wars Story writer Jon Kasdan implied on Twitter that the spin-off took a little jab at the Prequel Trilogy:

“Is Qi’ra made-up job title, “Assistant to the Vice Admiral of Trade Route Allocation and Monetization” a good-natured poke at some of the more confusing bits of exposition in previous SW adventures ? Of course not, we take all this shit very seriously.”

For some reason, many fans were outraged that George Lucas had included words like “trade routes” or “trade federation” in the Star Wars Prequels. Those strange people decided it was a rape of their childhood or something like that.


  • Bon

    All I can say is good. If they’re really that confused about it, it just proves prequel bashers are less intelligent that anything more complicated than “pew pew” is too much for them to handle.

    The more people that go after them, the more people will defend them. And attention doesn’t hurt now, as prequel defending is becoming more prominent than bashing

    Sorry for sounding elitist…

    • Alexrd

      I don’t know a single kid who complained or had a problem with the words “trade routes” or “Trade Federation”. The only people who complained were grown men who couldn’t handle the fact that the creator of the franchise was telling his story as opposed to their personal fan fiction.

      But yes, the joke is on them. Specially this guy, with a movie like Solo on his resume. This is the same guy who felt the need to write a scene to explain Han Solo’s name (among other heresies). All he’s shown is an exponential lack of self awareness.

      • joe

        don’t forget his father who gets his a** kissed by fans because he wrote the holy sacred empire and then had a hand in destroying han’s character in tfa

      • Alexrd

        The fact is that he didn’t wrote The Empire Strikes Back. That’s a common (false) narrative these people try to push in order to discredit Lucas out of pettiness. The script was already written by Leigh Brackett, and then re-written by Lucas himself when Kasdan came on board very late in the game. His contributions to it (nothing but very small revisions) were virtually insignificant. The only Star Wars movie he actually worked on before TFA was Return of the Jedi. And even then he was always put in check by Lucas and Marquand. This is fortunately all documented.

    • KirkMan1701

      @Bon, I LOVE your comment so let me quote you and say what I like.

      “All I can say is good. If they’re really that confused about it, it just proves prequel bashers are less intelligent that anything more complicated than “pew pew” is too much for them to handle.

      The more people that go after them, the more people will defend them. And attention doesn’t hurt now, as prequel defending is becoming more prominent than bashing

      Sorry for sounding elitist…”

      You’re absolutely right that those lowbrow old-school Star Wars fanboys are way too addicted to “pew pew” action that they cannot understand the complex and nuanced story and themes of the Star Wars prequels so they have been seeking to destroy it. Luckily the SW prequel bashers are being overtaken by those defending the prequels which I’m happy to hear and no, you don’t sound elitist as far as I’m concerned since the word “elitist” is way too often lazily used to discredit the intellectual and cerebral etc.

      For me and my ilk, “pew pew” action is like an invasive species and plague eating away at the rare precious resource of intellectual/cerebral sci-fi like how JJ Abrams ruined Star Trek with his “pew pew” Nu-Trek abominations.

  • Stefan K

    You know, I would rather take the made-up title as a nice poke at bureaucracy – and at the same time as something that could work in huge organizations like the Empire, Trade Federation etc.
    “Oh no, the ‘Assistant to the Vice Admiral of Trade Route Allocation and Monetization’ is here!” – “Hmm, sounds strange – never heard of that title. Whatever, I don’t want to lose my job just because I have not read the last 200 memos on internal re-organization. Let her in!”

    • Stefan K

      On a personal note, I do not really understand all the discussion regarding the Trade Federation being confusing.
      Yes, I did not really figure out back then what the Trade Federation really is – an union of traders? However, it was not really necessary to know so that I could follow the movie.
      I mean: Trade Federation. Blockade of a planet, which causes trouble. So, two Jedi are sent. Trade Federation blows up their ship and tries to kill them – guess they are bad. And a Sith Lord controls them? Even more so.

    • Cryogenic

      @ Stefan:

      You have a charitable way of looking at it, Stefan. But the issue here — for me, and clearly, for some other prequel fans, too — is that one of the “Solo” writers has drawn attention to their little “in-joke” and made a spectacle of something that might have been better off remaining ambiguous.

      It reveals a lack of confidence in their own creative choices and a snobbish attitude toward the prequels and the foundation they inherited and are reputedly building upon (the latter a veil for the former); as if all these people know better than George Lucas and still desire to get their digs in whenever they can. In that regard, it’s also ungracious and ungrateful — not to mention crass and cheap. Rather than telling interesting and august stories for their own sake, they seem more obsessed with chipping away at the foundation and virtue-signalling how superior in taste and talent they are; mocking the very thing that gives them all pay cheques and a canvas for their own projects to begin with.

      Finally, and rather obviously, it once again feels that these new films under Disney are hollow excursions into callow fanboyism and weaponized attacks against the franchise’s creator, the Prequel Trilogy, and Prequel Trilogy fans. Even when trumpets start sounding that a spinoff is allegedly “respectful” toward the prequels, prequel fans have plenty of reasons to roll their eyes. These people are making it plain: They’ll incorporate a pacifying “Easter Egg” like Darth Maul on the one hand in a rather empty-headed “kumbaya” red-herring gesture, while still continuing to assail the prequels and implying antipathy and condescension toward them with the other.

      Last but not least, they have clearly failed to understand the implications of the story Lucas constructed across the full six episodes of his saga; and how vital the prequels are at completing the story. They would rather annihilate people’s capacity for critical thinking and wider political engagement and enslave them into mindless consumerism. Lucas was trying to upgrade our awareness. The prequel trilogy conveys a timely warning for our hyper-capitalistic, grossly unequal, politically decadent, faltering world, heading to civil unrest and ecological disaster. Shame that people aren’t waking up to the serious issues blighting civilization today and rapidly devouring our chances of reaching tomorrow.

      • Alexrd

        This takes me back to TFA marketing campaign. Instead of selling the movie on its own merits, they trashed (and lied about) the PT in order to make themselves look better.

      • Moose

        Once again, well said Cryo (although I admit I do not look at the future as bleakly as you).

        I am not so sure that “fans” like John Kasdan actually like Star Wars. Oh, I am sure they like the surface stuff (lightsabers, X-Wings, Darth Vader), but the things they complain about (little cherub Ani, the Ewoks, “I have the high ground”) are critical the the endeavor, they are not just some mistakes that Lucas would take back if he could.

        I wonder if deep down these folks do not like the fact that Darth Vader was redeemed in the end. If that is the case, then they do not actually like Star Wars at all.

      • Cryogenic

        @ Alex:

        Indeed. The TFA marketing campaign, especially when they ramped things up at Star Wars Celebration in April 2015 (the same event at which the second teaser debuted), before the equally lame (if marginally more tolerable — notable for Lawrence Kasdan’s off-script shout-out to the “monster genius” of George Lucas) Comic-Con nonsense in July that year, was like a trashy revivalist show seasoned with a pinch of the Nuremberg Rally. Encoded into the marketing of TFA was an implicit set of shuns and snubs and derogations of the prequels; as if the prequels were nothing more than the dried-out skulls of the “enemies” of the state to be walked over and crushed as everyone ritualistically purified themselves in unison, feverishly banging the drum and uncritically cheering for “blood and soil” authenticity, moving in wide-eyed, hive-mind conviction toward utopia and salvation.

        @ Moose:

        Thanks, Moose. I don’t look at the future all that bleakly — or not as bleakly as it may seem. However, I am concerned; concerned that we won’t grow up or refuse to. And that, to borrow the wording of Jaron Lanier, we’re all stuck in our digital bubbles, with scant regard for anything outside of what we already “know” or believe to be true — and unwilling to face up to anything that challenges or displeases us. In fact, it increasingly seems we’d rather banish it entirely than face an uncomfortable truth, or tolerate any sort of genuine dissent. Insularity combined with intolerance doesn’t make for a particularly edifying or encouraging prognosis.

        As for Star Wars and the new guard: I suspect you’re right. Their truths apparently trump Lucas’ truths; which they have seemingly never bothered getting to grips with. As you allude to, Star Wars is, at the very least, a character study and redemption fable; albeit in a new and engaging form. Or, rather, a new-old form. Lucas is in the tradition of all geniuses: He has, to paraphrase another famous “George”, done a common thing (told a story) in an uncommon way (the manner of its telling). And for that, he must, of course, be slandered and bashed and his madness/genius mocked without limit. Is there anything new under the sun?

        And yes — I’m still muddying your incredibly cogent observation. This is about people not completely opening up to and/or about their distaste and incomprehension. So they try and disguise it, to themselves and others, with jokes, feints, mocking retorts, and various other dodges and conceits. All this “noise” is little more than the trash deposits of a desiccated, anti-intellectual geek culture at war with itself; closed-off, impatient, snide, shrill, and deeply dismissive of anything beyond a narrow “Overton window” of acceptable pop art. Everyone long ago collectively decided that the prequels were worthless on impulse; then it turned into a cottage industry; and now it’s the law. Get that museum finished, George!

      • Stefan K

        @Cryogenic You know, I more or less agree with you. I wanted to present a perspective how to make the “fake title” joke work without disparaging the prequels.

      • Cryogenic

        @ Stefan:

        Yeah. That’s fine. I like how she has a red cape reminiscent of Gunray.

        Also — McCoy’s line from the end of “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”:

        “The bureaucratic mentality is the only constant in the universe.”

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