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Is Anakin in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker? A reliable source has the answer


Warning! Potential spoilers ahead.

From the reliable “leaker” Making Star Wars :

“The most common question I am asked every time I mention Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has to do with Anakin Skywalker. Will Anakin show up in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?

A few sources have now seen the film and while they were tight lipped in general about what they saw, they did finally give me some confirming nods about Anakin and his involvement in the film.

Other very trusted sources have heard the sound mix of The Rise of Skywalker which back up what those who saw the film believe they have heard.

If you have been following spoilers for the Episode IX, this will be somewhat obvious to you. But a pretty general confirmation might make some fans able to relax a little, so I’m sharing that for those spoiler fans (like myself). Anakin’s voice is heard at the end of the film and sources say it sounds like Hayden Christensen (rather than The Clone Wars’ voice actor Matt Lanter).

While sound mix tweaks are possible, none of my sources believe the Skywalker voices will be omitted from the climax of the film. Just for the purpose of full disclosure, these viewings are VERY recent but what day the film was “locked” is still in question but we have no reason to believe this has or will change. So there’s a slight chance the list of names below could shift in a minor way but we don’t think that is likely.

To be extra clear these are not force ghosts but disembodied voices heard during the climax of The Rise of Skywalker. I’m sure it will make some fans annoyed because it might not be enough for them and they would prefer it to visually happen. Without having seen the film, I can only guess about the efficacy of this inclusion being entirely aural. To the best of my knowledge, you do not see these characters and because some might be living and some might be dead, it makes sense to keep it contained to audio and to show that Rey is doing the important action at the end that matters the most, using defense as her offense as a Jedi should.

One last thing: Please don’t shoot the messenger. I’m only relaying what I have been told.

The Context of the Climax of The Rise of Skywalker

A fully rejuvenated Darth Sidious sits upon his stone throne on Exogol while the space battle happens above the dead world. Rey and Ben Solo lay incapacitated, used as a conduit for the Sith Lord (in a way some would consider to be unnatural). Sidious apparently weighs his options and chooses his granddaughter to be his apprentice. Seeking revenge against the Skywalker family for his defeat at Endor, Ben Solo is force pushed into the abyss of Exogol.

An all powerful Sidious sends his Sith lightning into the sky above Exogol and the Resistance fleet is immobilized in space during the end battle. All seems lost when the voices of the Skywalker family speak to Rey, waking her up and revitalizing her for the last stand against the Sith Lord.

The Force Awakens….Rey

Anakin and Luke command Rey to awaken. Anakin and his children start the process. I’m told Yoda and Obi-Wan then follow down the line and are joined by the voices of other powerful Force users that helped get the Jedi lineage to this point, including Ezra Bridger and Ahsoka Tano. All of these voices are layered upon one another and the final voice is Leia’s and Rey awakens.

Rey then rises and with the sabers of Anakin and Leia in both hands she approaches her grandfather, Darth Sidious. The Sith Lord stops his stream of power from electrifying the battle above. Realizing Rey means to stop him, Sidious blast the lightning from his fingertips at Rey. However, the young Jedi deflects the Sith Lord’s lightning back at the villain, his own power destroys him, and the Skywalkers have vanquished the Sith once and for all. […]”


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