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Comic Book Resources: Rebels “needs to tell” Jar Jar’s fate and Senate politics in Season 4


“[…] Despite all of this solid storytelling though, there still remains a surprisingly large number of unresolved plotlines to be covered and a variety of characters that need to make an appearance on the show before its timeline inevitably reaches “Rogue One” and “A New Hope.” Here’s everything that needs to happen in “Star Wars: Rebels” Season Four.


[…] In the recent Expanded Universe novel, “Star Wars: Aftermath: Empire’s End,” Jar Jar Binks’ ultimate fate was revealed in the post-Jedi time period, but how he actually got to that point remains up in the air and rather ambiguous. Whatever happened to his romance with Julia that was established in “The Disappeared” in the “Clone Wars’” final season? Did Jar Jar Binks try to join the rebels after Palpatine declared himself the Emperor? Was he still a representative of Naboo after Padme’s death? “Star Wars: Rebels” is in the perfect position to answer all of these questions that are in desperate need of being answered. […]


Something quite significant that “Star Wars: Rebels” has yet to touch upon is the state of politics in the post-“Revenge of the Sith” timeline. Viewers have been given second-hand accounts of what’s happening in the senate on Coruscant via Mon Mothma and Bail Organa, but so far the series has yet to actually show how politics have changed now that Palpatine is the Emperor or even if the senate is still based within the same building after the Yoda/Palpatine fight in “Episode III.”

A return to Coruscant in the fourth season of “Rebels” would not only fill in gaps and provide more context for Mon Mothma and Bail Organa’s actions, it could also visualize just how dire the political situation is in the capital and show what exactly is motivating more and more planets to rebel against the new Empire. This shift in focus could also show how Palpatine himself is managing his new responsibilities. There’s a lot of untapped potential in this corner of the “Star Wars” universe.”

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