The Last Jedi

Rumor: Details on Snoke, his guards, Kylo Ren & more from The Last Jedi!


Warning! Potential spoilers ahead.

“[…] Snoke wears a gold silky robe with a very ornate pattern on it in The Last Jedi. In fact, I think you can pretty much see the robe on page 226 of The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What is also interesting is his slippers are like “jester shoes” or “genie slippers.” They’re also gold because you have to match if you that far in with the gold robe. I think the robe and shoes are lined in red too so he’s stylin’. He has a very “blood and gold” vibe to him.

Another interesting detail is that Snoke wears a fancy ring on his left hand. Remember when I told you guys about those long puppet hands they made for him? Well his hands are decrepit and his pinky is sort of shriveling inward. But that doesn’t stop him from wearing a ring about the size of a “Ring Pop” if you remember the old candy. However, the stone in the ring is black and it could be a black Kyber Crystal according to the rumors around the ring.  There will be more on that side of things later.

I don’t have a lot of details on his throne room but it is opulent. This guy cares about money. Back when he was a good looking young person, he was probably a playboy of sorts. Unlike the Sith, I think wealth means a lot to Supreme Leader Snoke based on his appearance. They based Snoke’s design on a marble aesthetic and I think his throne room has white marble and gold trim. […]”


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