Nerdist: “Deep-sea squid-on-squid violence reminds us there’s always a bigger fish” (VIDEO)

“If you thought Squidward was mean to SpongeBob, you ain’t seen nothing yet. If you wondered why H.P. Lovecraft gave all his scariest monsters tentacles, you’re about to find out.

But first, a nice, peaceful video of the deep sea, as captured by the Australian research vessel Investigator:

Psych! The ocean is a place of danger, not peace. Especially if you’re a smallish squid, baited off the beaten path to grab some food and/or pose for the camera, when a bigger squid decides that cannibalism is a thing that is good and okay for cephalopods to do.

Fans of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, you now have some extra ammunition. No, the video doesn’t prove Jar Jar was secretly amazing, but it does add real-life credibility to the “There’s always a bigger fish” scene.

Now, in the movie, that was of course a metaphor for the immediate invading force on Naboo being used by a greater shadow force that would pounce out of the darkness when ready and devour them. Sometimes, however, a squid eating another squid is just…well…a squid eating another squid. What can we say: ika sashimi is tasty. So watch out, bigger squid: there’s always an even larger sushi chef. […]”

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