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Rumor: A popular prequel era EU character’s surname linked to untitled Han Solo film!


Warning! Potential spoilers ahead.

I had an incredible time this week at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Some really amazing, fun things happened to me, and also some very interesting things. At one point over the week, I had a piece of paper put in front of me. The paper had the words “Red Cup” on it (that is the production name alluding to a red “solo” cup, aka Star Wars: Han Solo) Immediately my eyes widened. There was a name written on the page with a note:

Dryden Vos (major cast member)

For one second I thought about the name and it sounds cool. But the last name has been used for none other than fan favorite Quinlan Vos. That’s as strong of a connection to Quinlan Vos we have here. The identical last names could be a coincidence. What follows is speculation that Dryden Vos could be Quinlan Vos. It could be a situation similar to Obi-Wan Kenobi taking on the name Ben Kenobi while keeping his surname even though he was in hiding. I have been able to get confirmation that the name is a legit name from the untitled Han Solo Star Wars story. […]”



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