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Furious Fan Boys: “Celebration Orlando Proved a Big Pro-Prequel Argument is Real”


“Of all of the news that came out of Star Wars Celebration Orlando there was something Prequel-related that flew over many people’s heads. […]

At Star Wars Celebration, the Prequel’s Anakin Skywalker himself made an appearance. This was a big deal in itself because Hayden Christensen didn’t even appear at the 2005 Celebration, which was at that time held to celebrate Revenge of the Sith. He only appeared at the 2002 Celebration for Attack of the Clones. […]

What happened at Celebration with Hayden never happened before. His autograph tickets sold out faster than any other star in the history of Star Wars Celebration. They did end up making more tickets available during the convention due to the demand, but that shows that one thing about the Prequels that many people want to dismiss is very true.

There is a whole generation of Star Wars fans who grew up with the Prequels as their Star Wars. […] The kids who were around ten years old when the Prequels were being released in theaters are now in their 20s and they want Star Wars content reflecting the Star Wars they grew up with.

That’s why the people crying for Lucasfilm to ignore or remake the Prequels are idiots. They’re basically being jerks to an entire generation of fans, ignoring if it wasn’t for them and the Star Wars movies they grew up with the franchise would’ve quietly died off twenty years ago. Star Wars Celebration Orlando proved that there is a huge segment of Star Wars fans who grew up with the Prequels as their Star Wars and the vocal minority of “George Lucas raped my childhood” jerks just need to learn to accept that.”

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