The Last Jedi

Rumor: The gear of Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi

Warning! Potential spoilers ahead.

“Today I want to discuss the tools Luke Skywalker has on him as he makes his way through The Last Jedi. One prop in particular has really caught my attention. The other props might say a lot about Luke’s situation and how mobile he is on Ahch-To. Based on this stuff, it seems like he’s on the move during the movie and perhaps Rey is the reason for his travels or an unwanted distraction from his purpose on the island world. I’ve heard and seen strange things like porgs, an amphibian nun with a white veil on top of her head, and a sea monster. This journey requires tools, protection, and some directions.


In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker has a compass that guides his way. The compass is a box with a blue marble-like orb on the top. I believe Luke Skywalker moves his hand over the blue orb and the box opens up to reveal the compass inside the box. The interior of the box has metallic dials with Aurebesh writing inside denoting some “space” version of North, South, East, and West with a needle to point the way. The prop is probably the most beautiful piece of craftsmanship I can think of for a Star Wars film. It has a very old look to it but the inside is almost steampunk or like something mystical from Naboo.

I looked at the compass and I had to ponder if it is just another tool in the bag or is it special? Does it take Luke Skywalker to where he needs to go in The Last Jedi? Or does he find it at the end and that journey is conducted over the next film after The Last Jedi? I saw Luke with it one time and I’m pretty sure he had the glove on we see in the recent trailer from Star Wars Celebration (the same glove that touches the book in the trailer): […]”



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