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New photos from the Fawley Power Station Han Solo story set!

han-solo-cast-photo_Warning! Spoilers ahead.

“Our friend Stephen headed down to Fawley Power Station and snapped some exclusive photos for us! It appears to be some sort of entry gate. You can see two protected windows with two doors beside the windows. It seems like the access point to a protected location, maybe.

Stephen noted:

  • Took a few shots of preparation for shooting.
  • Various green/blue screens being taken into the main building.
  • A row of vaporators running down the length of the main building
  • There was a camera car practicing a few runs down one of the service roads.
  • The grey bunker seems to be Imperial as it has the Imperial style wall light lozenges on the left door and the Aurabesh sign reads ‘check point.’”






Check out the whole gallery at

“As you already know the untitled Han Solo spin-off film is currently filming at the Fawley Power Station in the UK. A few days ago we got some photos from the set courtesy of TMZ, and yesterday one of our readers that lives nearby sent us several new photos as well as some curious rumors heard around the set. […]

Now one of our readers that lives close to the filming location sent us a few photos taken from outside the fence of the set. You can see them all at the end of the article. Here are two intriguing shots:



From the two photos above, we can suggest that this is a desert like planet host to an imperial base of some sort. We see sand (don’t tell teenage Anakin), some pole-based structures similar to the iconic Star Wars moisture vaporators, and that building/structure in the second photo certainly looks like something built by the Empire.

In addition to these photos our reader shared several interesting bits he heard around the set.

    • They’ve been on site for a while now
    • Rumor has it they might finish filming by early next week (probably by the end of this weekend)
    • They are shooting internal and external scenes
    • You could see clouds of what looked like dry ice floating out of a hanger door, and what sounded like squealing tires from inside
    • Some locals have seen stormtroopers walking around
    • Others said they saw Emilia Clarke on site yesterday”

Read more and watch more photos at StarWarsNewsNet.

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