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WatchMojo’s anti-Prequels video gets a ton of dislikes, thanks to Prequel Memes

A few days ago, Watch Mojo released a video on Youtube called “Top 10 Reasons Why the Star Wars Prequels Suck”. We have known from a long time that entertainment medias like to grossly trash the Prequels once in a while, hoping to galvanize a certain portion of the fandom.

But this time, things didn’t go as planned. The Prequel Memes community on Reddit decided to respond by massively downvoting WatchMojo’s video and taunting them in the comment section.

As you can see, the mobilization has been quite effective. Watch Mojo even changed the video’s title, which is now “Top 10 Reasons Why the Star Wars Prequels are Hated”.




  • Branislav Marček

    They´re showing the scene between Obi-Wan and Padmé as an example of bad acting? What a bunch delusional morons! Unbelievable!


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