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Comedian and writer Joseph Scrimshaw is an avowed Prequelist (Making Star Wars)


“[…] Mr. Scrimshaw’s website announces him as “Comedian – Writer – Geek Flavored” all of which makes him uniquely suited to discuss the Saga in its many incarnations, but particularly the Prequels.

“People disliked the prequels for a lot of reasons,” began Scrimshaw who recently released a Star Wars comedy album. “Their flaws are right there on the surface – some stiff acting and some rough dialogue. While their virtues, the big themes, and ideas, are under the surface.

“A big part of it is the generation who grew up with the Original Trilogy came in with a lot of preconceived notions. The movies answered questions that fans never really asked or even wanted to be answered.

“I think fans just weren’t prepared that this was going to be something different.” […}

As such, Scrimshaw’s personal headcanon holds very particular facets of the Prequels in high esteem.

  • The overall story. “Anakin’s fall and the destruction of the Republic from the inside.”
  • Ewan McGregor’s performance as Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • The world building and design of the Prequels. “The movies massively expanded the palette of what the Star Wars galaxy looks and feels like. They opened up so many ideas. Even if you don’t like them in the movies, it created the opportunity to explore them in the Clone Wars Animated Series as well as the larger prequel era.”
  • Gorgeous shots. “Qui-Gon waiting behind the energy shield while Maul paces. Anakin riding through the desert of Tatooine as the suns set. The documentary-like war footage of the first Geonosian battle of the Clone Wars.”
  • The lightsaber fights. “Most of them are very cool.” […]

Beyond the films themselves, Lucas’ unique vision also remains tantamount to the films’ theme as he defends his obsession with Episodes I – III.

“I’ve come to appreciate the prequels simply because they are bizarre,” he said. “I truly believe George Lucas fits the auteur theory. Everything that is going up on the screen in those movies — the good, the bad, and the weird — is his vision.

“We’re used to the auteur theory being applied to very artsy films. However, Star Wars is a big budget, action-adventure, blockbuster about space wizards with laser swords. However, these movies are clearly the product of this one strange, idiosyncratic human being.

“I think we make art to help show other people how we see the world,” added Scrimshaw. “When you look at the prequels as George Lucas saying, ‘This is what I see; this is what is real and fun and thrilling and funny to me.’

“You may not agree, but at least you see something pure, true, and unique.””

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