Attack of the Clones,  Prequel Trilogy

J. W. Rinzler: “Many at Lucasfilm were critical of Attack of the Clones”


From J. W. Rinzler Blog:

“As she did for all such events, Jane Bay supervised the company party for Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, whose décor was inspired by her trip to Lake Como during the location shoot. Her visit had happened to coincide with the kiss between Anakin and Padmé on a veranda, overlooking a stunning Italian garden and the lake. A photograph she took of the scene therefore became the basis for an installation at Fort Mason, at the time the biggest Lucasfilm event ever. After seeing the movie in one of the 12 theaters around the Bay Area reserved for us employees, my family and I joined about five thousand people who came to enjoy the post-release glow in the extravagant party setting. Though many at Lucasfilm were critical of the movie, at least it was over. Product was out there, all of our Episode II books, published.”

J. W. Rinzler used to be a writer and editor at Lucas Licensing. He wrote The Making of Star Wars Revenge of the SithThe Art of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the SithThe Making of Star Wars: The Definitive Story Behind the Original FilmThe Making of The Empire Strikes BackThe Making of Return of the Jedi, and also the comic mini-series The Star Wars and two episodes of The Clone Wars.



  • Sam Paris

    I love everything about Attack of the Clones and also the other 5 Star Wars movies. They are my favorite movies. The worse thing about Episode 2 is the ungrateful fans who enjoyed it and the other prequels when they came out but now bash them because they’ve jumped on the hate bandwagon.

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