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Get a First Look at IDW’s SDCC Star Wars Adventures ‘Ashcan’ Comic



“While IDW Publishing’s saga-spanning all-ages series Star Wars Adventures doesn’t arrive until September, San Diego Comic-Con attendees will get a special early look in an “ashcan” preview.

Thanks to our friends at IDW, however, readers can download the complete ashcan right now: click this link to view or right click to save, or check it out in the gallery below.

Written by Landry Q. Walker — who can confirm will later write for the series — and illustrated by regular series artist Derek Charm, the preview is a charming introduction to what we can expect from Star Wars Adventures. C-3PO and Artoo address the reader, bickering and telling short stories of, well, Star Wars adventures: we see a boyish Luke Skywalker getting into trouble on Tatooine, young Anakin Skywalker fleeing with some important parts for a personal project, and more. It’s delightful and the stories are genuinely surprising. The ashcan also offers a glimpse of the classic 2D animation-like visual style of the ongoing series. […]


Look for Star Wars Adventures #1, written by Cavan Scott and illustrated by Derek Charm, in stores and digital on September 6.”

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