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Clone Troopers were named best Star Wars troopers by readers



“For a variety of different reasons, it seems as though for as many troopers there are, you’ll find just as many fans who show a predilection to which type of trooper is their favorite. Whether it be due to their aesthetic appeal or backstory of why those troopers exist in the first place, the troopers have become as iconic a part of the saga as any individual character.

Last week, we asked our Star Wars on Facebook fans to weigh in on what their favorite type of trooper was. Scroll down to see how you ranked the troopers in the Star Wars saga!

3) Death Trooper […]

2) Stormtrooper […]

1) Clone Trooper

Following the reputation of Stormtroopers being nothing more than targets in the original trilogy, the prequel trilogy showed audiences that the Clone troopers, which paved the way for Stormtroopers, were a force to be reckoned with.

Modeled after the bounty hunter Jango Fett, Clone troopers were created for the sole purpose of uniting together to take down any threat put in their way, even if it meant carrying out Order 66 and the destruction of virtually all Jedi. These troopers might not have been given much screen time in the live-action films, but the Clone Wars TV series allowed audiences to get even more familiar with just how strong these clones could be when united together, easily carrying out any mission they were given.”

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