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The Last Jedi director was impressed by the theory that Snoke is Anakin’s pear



“Recently, Yahoo! had a chance to chat with director Rian Johnson and John Boyega about their favorite Snoke theories. When Johnson was questioned about his go-to conspiracy, the director quickly admitted that his favorite Snoke take comes from one fruit-obsessed fan.

“Somebody – I think this is more of a joke than a theory. I don’t know who it was. They had a theory on who Snoke was. In Attack on the Clones, when Anakin is slicing the pear for Padme before he floats it over to her, they took a freeze frame of that and then put it side-by-side with the slice in Snoke’s head,” Johnson explained.

“They said he is the evolution of that pear, and I was like, ‘That’s pretty good. I wish I had thought of that.’””

You can watch the video at Yahoo!.

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