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Dork Side of the Force defends George Lucas, the Prequels and the Original Trilogy changes


From Dork Side of the Force:

“Today an article crossed my path from Epic Stream that stated there are problems “ruining” the Star Wars franchise. The media source listed and broke down 10 reasons how the franchise has basically lost its way.

Even though the article is very articulate and well written, I completely disagree with its conclusions. In fact, I believe the 10 reasons that are brought up actually make Star Wars far better and not worse.

The article criticized everything from George Lucas, to the Prequels, to nostalgia, and more. Here is our counter to each point of their 10 arguments. […]

8. Thank you, George Lucas.

Their argument: That George Lucas was not the main reason for their success. They credited others (writers and directors) with more of the reason for the success of Star Wars, not the Lucas.

Our counter: Even though I agree that teamwork is key to Star Wars being what it is today and that the actors, Lawrence Kasdan, the writers, and the story group are critical to their success; they do not deserve most of the credit, Lucas does.

Lucas took all the risk when he first introduced Star Wars. If it fails, then he fails. If the creator didn’t take a chance on these directors, actors, and writers to help him create his vision, then they would not be successful. George Lucas deserves most of the credit.

Plus it was his vision for the animated series Clone Wars, which took the franchise to a whole new level. Thank you, George and we give you most of the praise and credit for Star Wars. […]

4. The remastered versions of Star Wars enhance the story.

Their argument: The remastered versions of the movies makes the Original Trilogy unrecognizable.

Our counter: These new changes actually make the original movies even more recognizable.

Every time these new additions are released, it introduces Star Wars to a whole new audience that may never have seen them before.

It’s also creative and makes the movies more fun.

An example of the revised versions adding to the originals is Hayden Christensen’s version of Anakin being displayed as a Force ghost at the end. Instead of having a guy we’ve never seen standing there with Obi Wan and Yoda, the portrayed and recognizable version of the character prevents confusion and connects the Original Trilogy and Prequel Trilogy together. […]

1. The Enduring Legacy

Their argument: That The Prequels ruined everything about Star Wars.

Our counter: That viewpoint could not be further from the truth, in my opinion.The Prequels expanded and gave us backstory that we’ve always wanted. We got vast worlds, intriguing politics, the Jedi in great numbers, and an origins story of the Emperor.

They mentioned the point of The Phantom Menace explaining too much of the Force i.e with midi-chlorians. I thought it was a nice touch showing the science of The Force, but still leaving much mystery on how it works.

Their biggest blunder was saying that Episode III was the worst of them all. In fact, I believe that Revenge of the Sith was the best of not only The Prequels but on the same level with any of the originals. Hayden’s portrayal of Anakin/Vader was dark, moving, and had a vast amount humanity that was just brilliant.

Remember, George Lucas wanted to set Vader as the victim, not the villain. Revenge of the Sith achieved that goal and displayed just how tragic Darth Vader really was.

We also got the Clone Wars and a plethora of prequel stories that spawned from the movies.”


  • Anticitizen One

    That Epic Stream article was trash. Anti-PT and anti-GL hyperbole galore. Yoda was “ruined” by AOTC? GTFO
    The Dork Side rebuttal was great.

  • joe

    and now screen rant is at it again with a article saying that the hobbit trilogy is worse than the prequels of course they bring up the same crap about the pt yes man boring politics too much cgi the comments were worse with one person saying he took his son to see the phantom menace he hated it his kid loved it now his hates it since he’s older now i said thing s i shouldn’t have said the comments also said that lucas deserved all the criticism for ruining star wars that pissed me off it’s no surprise htat the article was written by a former writer for whatculture another site that spews prequel-hatred f**K him

    • joe

      i want to clarify that i have never seen the hobbit films i saw most of the return of the king i remember the rankin/bass films and the ralph bakshi movie i should have known that an article that says the hobbit trilogy is worse than the prequel trilogy would bring up the same old bs sorry for the rant

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