Luke and Leia star in Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Storms of Crait #1


Star Wars: The Last Jedi will see the debut of the mineral planet Crait, as it becomes a battleground between the Resistance and First Order. And a new story coming from Marvel will reveal major elements of its history. is excited to announce Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Storms of Crait #1, a special one-shot arriving December 27, written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker (Star Wars: Join The Resistance) with art by Mike Mayhew (Star Wars, The Star Wars). The comic rewinds to the Galactic Civil War, following Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa as they take up arms on the salt-covered world and search for a new rebel base. Check out Marco Checchetto’s cover below — a striking image of Luke and Leia on Crait.”



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