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Star Wars author Saladin Ahmed accused the Prequels of racism


Saladin Ahmed is one of the authors of the upcoming book Star Wars: Canto Bight.


    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical

      Well, do your self a favor and read Leia: Princess of Alderaan instead by Claudia Grey. Or, you can read those new Mace Windu comics instead. Also, just for food for thought, LP, while some Prequel bashers opinions are kind of “meh”, it doesn’t mean they’ll ignore half of SW canon (ex: Rogue One) to appease their fans. Chuck Wendig putting a B1 battle droid in Aftermath, Gary Whitta calling for Saw from Clone Wars, Mustafar and suggesting to LFL Gen O’Reilly to play Mon Mothma vein examples of that. So, unless they’re Simon Pegg-level bashers (meaning they just continue to to this day to crap on the Prequels and not a give an f about it), I don’t think it’s MAJORLY bad.

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical

      Also, I feel you may respond to me in a hostile-ish way. So, please don’t passbook judgement on my quotes like it’s meaningless and actually think about what I’m trying to say. Buuuuutttt, invade you still don’t get what I mean, unless Prequel bashers egos are like Simon Pegg’s, don’t worry about them.

  • Cryogenic

    He looks like another of these SJW idiots. His Twitter feed is dominated by an obsession with race and gender. Surprise, surprise, that the “middle” item in his list in that old tweet is a charge of racism. Each criticism is also an example of a false dilemma (muppets and makeup vs. CGI; subtitles vs. racist accents; hints vs. explication). He gives undue weight to the former with his “better than” symbol; which is slightly unfortunate, in my view, if you feel strongly opposed to concepts like racism, cultural imperialism, and homogeneity. Someone in his comments section even champions an edit that they recall removed Jar Jar — censorship/erasure, especially of undesirable “others”, being very much a hallmark of fascism, totalitarianism, and other social systems and phenomena with racist/supremacist attitudes built into their very fabric. The irony is strong with this one.

  • Marshall

    Let’s see, the third prequel hating jerk to write a SW novel, hmmm. Maybe all those #WeWantLegends activists are on to something. You would’ve never heard this kind of talk from Timothy Zahn, Kevin J. Anderson, Aaron Allston or Steve Perry.
    And the snobby jackass works for Marvel – another reason not to read Marvel.

  • ljones1966

    I wonder how Ahmed Best would feel about this guy, considering that it was the former who was really responsible for the Gungans’ accent and speech patterns.

    Muppets & makeup > CGI

    More mindless CGI bashing because of STAR WARS. This guy is truly intelligent . . . or not.

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