George Lucas,  Original Saga

Video: The Filmmaker’s Voice – George Lucas

From Alejandro Villarreal@Alamo City:

“Should a man’s life be defined by Jar Jar Binks? George Lucas is not a perfect filmmaker. But he is a genius. A genius who is able to communicate the best and worst of our common nature, and has done so in an unprecedented, universal cinematic language. Few have been able to equal his artistic success, because frankly, he makes it look easy.

I made this video essay to provide a window into the mind of a socially conscious filmmaker who is explored ideas about our common existence and tried to present them to in new, interesting ways to audiences. His goal was never to make an escapist film solely for the special effects and explosions, but it was to give his audiences a greater understanding of our shared humanity.

True, he sometimes fell short. “Attack of the Clones” is a bit weird, to be sure. But he was always true to himself, his voice and his stories. All this to say: I would rather watch a flawed movie by an imperfect genius than a movie made by a voiceless committee.”

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