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Star Wars author Saladin Ahmed said ‘George Lucas can suck my d*** for making turbo-racist s***’


UPDATE : Saladin Ahmed deleted his tweet.


Note: he was discussing Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

In case you missed it, Ahmed also accused the Star Wars Prequels of racism.

Saladin Ahmed is one of the authors of the upcoming book Star Wars: Canto Bight.


  • Cryogenic

    “Turbo-racist”. Well, I guess Episode I does have podracing, and a little human prodigy wins a big podracing tournament; so maybe George is racist against non-human podracers. Other than that, this guy clearly failed to grasp the big themes of TPM, or any of the SW movies, really — to say nothing of his profound ignorance/misapprehension of Lucas’ life as a whole (Spielberg’s, too). That little broadside clearly marks him out as an attention-seeker; and one looking to ingratiate himself with (and obviously influenced by) crass hipster sentiment in a post-Plinkett landscape. Even if his now-vanished tweet goes back a few years. Of course, Disney would endorse him. Nothing racist or imperialist about Disney whatsoever!

  • KirkMan1701

    I will never read this clown’s books and that will be easy since I do not get into the Expanded Universe/Legends aspect of Star Wars anyway and only do official Canon. BTW Saladin Ahmed, the prequels are canon and your EU fluff pieces are NOT, so deal with it!

    For all of their whining about how the Lucas and his prequels somehow “ruined” Star Wars and thus their childhoods, it is people like this who ruined Star Trek and my childhood by creating Nu-Trek abominations!

    Those prequel bashers are mainly the lowbrow pew pew action types who believe in the lazy myth claiming that Star Wars is all about the action and hence freak out over the prequels not conforming to that cherished myth of theirs.

    I never saw the prequels as racist. Disney needs to stop hiring obsessive-compulsive SW prequel bashers to work on Star Wars and in fact fire any prequel-bashing fanatics that they have hired.

  • feeltheforcetv

    Another self-righteous, mentally ill attention whore who wants to SJW around and make up reasons to be offended. Unacceptable. Making bizarre claims about GL as he uses the platform GL made to get rich

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