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Ahmed Best thinks Lucasfilm didn’t promote enough the pioneering process of creating Jar Jar

Ahmed Best, who played Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars Prequels, says Lucasfilm didn’t promote enough the process of bringing the character to the screen, which was pioneering at the time (at 12:25)

“A lot of people think I was just a voice actor. I don’t think that’s fair, not just to me but to the process of filmmaking. Regardless of whether you loved Jar Jar or hated him, he was important in the canon of what was coming next. Episode I dropped in 1999, the last year of the 20th century, and here was this pioneering process that pretty much took over the 21st century. To slight everyone involved or to not be aware of the history of that… and I have to say Lucasfilm is partially to blame here as well, because I don’t think they focused too much on the process of making the character, and I think that is what should have been the star, when we were talking about Jar Jar. Everyone was just playing catch-up from the backlash and although I understand that, I think the converse argument to it is filmmaking has changed and we changed it, and the reason why you hated the character was because the process was succesful. You believed that this characted existed, and that process takes an actor, and it takes the animators, and there is a symbiotic relationship that occurred that has now changed movies.”


  • Artiom

    Is there any way to let Ahmed know that his work as the actor for Jar Jar Binks is awesome? Also, is there any way to let him know that there are many people who love Jar Jar?

  • Cryogenic

    It’s time I expressed my admiration of Ahmed on Twitter, too. But I can say this much right here, right now: This is a beautiful blog, Ahmed is a beautiful man, and that is a beautiful interview. I actually got a little emotional toward the end. This video offers abundant proof that Ahmed is a wonderfully warm, sincere, thoughtful, articulate, perceptive, and interesting person. He delivers a wonderful analogy between Star Wars under Lucas (the great and meaningful thing it once was), and what it has now become, alas, under Disney (dictated by profit, designed by committee). It is obvious that playing Jar Jar and working for a visionary like George Lucas has significantly impacted his life and moulded his thinking on the world and his place within it — *all* our places within it. I am finally going to explore his “Afro-Futurism” podcast, because it sounds absolutely compelling, and something the world needs more of. Ahmed has clearly filled his plate up mightily and has a keen sensitivity for things. His train is moving in a very positive direction; and he’s evidently trying to open minds and expand horizons. I’ll add that he seems a bit more mature and grounded, these days, too. The way he appears to have come full circle on his embrace of Star Wars (Lucas-driven Star Wars) and his own place in the pop-culture firmament is merely one example. Looking forward to that book!!! Ahmed (much like Jar Jar) is a guy to like and admire on multiple levels. <3 <3

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