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Ahmed Best ‘wouldn’t change anything’ about The Phantom Menace

Ahmed Best, who played Jar Jar Binks in the Prequel Trilogy, stands up for The Phantom Menace and George Lucas in a new interview (at 32:35):

“I wouldn’t change anything [about The Phantom Menace]. There is nothing to change it to. There really hasn’t been anything like it, and the choices that were made were choices that stand, you know, the test of time. Like I said, love it or hate it, you believed it, it existed. So I really wouldn’t change anything and it was such a wonderful experience, you know. One of the great experiences were just me telling jokes with Liam [Neeson] and Ewan [McGregor] and Natalie [Portman] sitting around laughing. We just laughed a lot, you know. […]

[The new Star Wars films] are okay but they’re not easy for me to watch because… The hard part about being in a Star Wars movie done by George Lucas is he really does things that he believes. He has an incredible conviction behind every decision that he makes. That’s not the way Disney does movies. Disney does movies in a way that has to please stockholders, and that has to please a wide swath of people, a huge general audience. So you’re only going to get things that are as risky as that number of people. George only cared about pleasing himself, and when you have that, you have a person who has a point of view that regardless of what you think, they are going to take the risk to do it. […]

I appreciate filmmakers who have that type of vision, I appreciate filmmakers who really go out on a limb and take a risk. With these new movies, these filmmakers are different. They’re not George Lucas.”





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