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French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe loves Star Wars, especially The Phantom Menace


From Vanity Fair France, via Corentin Lamy (translation by Naboo News):

“[…] France’s Prime Minister [Édouard Philippe] was caught in a flagrant unspeakable passion: on his cufflinks, Le Journal du dimanche spotted the words “May the Force be with you”, the catchphrase of Star Wars. […]

Of all the episodes, Édouard Philippe nevertheless indicated that his favourite is The Phantom Menace (I), the one where two Jedi investigate a political crisis that disturbs the peaceful planet Naboo.”


  • Xa-V

    LOL… this guy is a perfect copy of the phantom menace senate, corrupted from head to toe with no interest in the common good … he was a lobbyist for nuclear energy and now he is among the ones preventing the process of shutting down the many nuclear plants that needs to be in France for the most elementary environmental but also safety reasons. He is also tied to the biggest medicines manufacturer of the country, which among other things refuses to pay for the damages they did in the late 90’s: selling medicines to thousands of pregnant women which caused hormonal troubles for them and the birth of thousands of autistic children… although it’s been established this firm knew early enough to take the substance out of market. But when Edouard Philippe was asked about it in parliament session, he replied “a firm that is so (financially) successfull must not be criticized”.
    And this isn’t half of his track record…. maybe his office is filled with Nute Gunray posters?

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