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Poll: U.S. adults like Anakin much more than the main characters of the new Star Wars movies


From Morning Consult:



  • andywylde77

    This is true. I mean for the whining about how Anakin, or I should say the actor who played was so “bad” or so “awful” or whatever. Anakin actually was a character. Much more than I can say for the 3 new leads who really aren’t characters at all. I mean Rey is just a blank slate. She has two gears, awkward and dumbfounded. Finn is just an ex trooper that had a change of heart or I should note that he gets shell shock before ever firing a shot in battle. And the rest of the film he just runs and lies to everyone around him. Then we have Poe. I think he is OK. Nothing special but not a total waste like the previous two I mentioned. But he is for the most part just a generic good guy.

    But Anakin started out in the films as an ideal young boy with dreams and aspirations. Then taken in by emotionally suppressed monks that only cared for his training and didn’t know or understand his inner conflict. But don’t get me wrong I love the Jedi but they did, like anyone else have their flaws. But Anakin also wasn’t indoctrinated from birth like the others so he saw things differently than the rest of the order. He though was the most responsible for his actions and the end result of where his choices got him. But all in all he is a very developed and great character as both Anakin and Vader. Because Vader was just Anakin in a suit. The PT gave Vader a whole new outlook.

    • Cryogenic

      Anakin is a significantly more layered and fascinating character, in my opinion, than any character Disney has yet given us in their corporate interpretation of Star Wars. One could contend similarly, I think, in the case of Amidala, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Luke, Han, Yoda, Jar Jar, and, well, just about anyone else that Lucas came up with. The ball is in Disney’s court. Hell, they own the court, the changing rooms, the swimming pool, the gardens, the hotel… everything. But so far, they’ve struggled to volley back anything of substance. Anakin is a tremendously developed screen presence who has an enormous welter of powerful, evocative, and contradictory facets to his makeup — as with any flesh-and-blood person. All of the episodes are somewhat “about” him, but in none of them is he necessarily the “main” or “lead” character. This in itself is compelling. Anakin is a dashing, elusive figure; the multivarious, murky “human being” transcendentally blurring and shimmering across an awesomely dense twelve-hour movie canvas, which extends almost endlessly when the “Clone Wars” television series, plus books, comics, computer games (etc.), and fan commentary are also collated and integrated into an expansive holographic mental “planetarium”.

      • andywylde77

        Perfectly summed up as always Cryo! I have to say that you are by far the most articulate writer of all things SW. In my view at least. But I always love reading your posts because they always give me a much broader and insightful look into everything SW related. So just keep on being the way you are because for me and I feel I can speak for others as well makes our enjoyment of the SW universe that much better.

  • Cryogenic

    To add to this. It was reported that there was a surge in people choosing to call their children Anakin around 2005 and continuing on into 2014 (when the name “Anakin” finally appeared in an annual list of the top 1,000 baby names in the United States):

    (And yes, but for different reasons, you can also find the names “Mustafa” and “Rey” in the same list given in the article).

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