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Screenwriter Max Landis compares Star Wars Prequel defenders to confederate flag defenders


From Wikipedia:

“Max Landis is an American screenwriter, director, producer and comic book writer who wrote the films Chronicle (2012), American Ultra (2015), and Victor Frankenstein (2015), as well as a variety of short films including The Death and Return of Superman and Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling. He is an executive producer on the Syfy anthology horror series Channel Zero, as well as creator and showrunner for the American adaptation of Douglas Adams’ science fiction detective comedy novel series Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency on BBC America, which both premiered in October 2016. […]

He is the son of director John Landis and costume designer and historian Deborah Nadoolman Landis.”


  • joe

    great first his father didn’t like that they made yoda cgi and now his son is comparing prequel lovers to those who love the confederate flag? and if he wants to betaken seriously in hollywood get a fucking haircut and a proper hair color and before anyone says this your father is a murderer

  • Anticitizen One

    Prequel Derangement Syndrome. Seriously, what’s wrong with these people? Seems like hacks, losers and morons whose “success” is due to nepotism, like this asshat, come up with ever more idiotic ways to trash the PT.

    I’m sure LFL will announce he’s involved in some future project soon.

    • andywylde77

      Yep you are right. He will no doubt have his name attached to a LFL project in the near future. Being ignorant must be the number one criteria for being able to be a part of a LFL project.

  • KirkMan1701

    This guy sounds very sick. Just when we seem to get to the bottom of the barrel, those prequel hateboys just find a way to get worse, its like a bottomless pit. I hate the Confederate Flag too and recognize that it is NOT about “heritage” as its fans claim but about HATE, and it disgusts me that this germ has the gall to compare enjoyment of the SW prequels to the Confederate Flag. It is the mentality that says that “SW prequels are bad and hurt the original trilogy” that is really like the Confederate Flag here since it is prequel-bashing for Star Wars Trilogy’s sake that is about hate and prejudice. In a sense, those prequel bashers see Star Wars without its prequels as a “heritage” and their identity. If these lunatics keep this up, they may end up turning the Star Wars Trilogy into a hate symbol like with what happened to Pepe the Frog because some other lunatics used him in their hateful memes, in effect taking something that was NOT created be hateful and turning it into a hate symbol.

    We all know that those Star Wars Trilogy purists like Drej Ship Abrams, Simon Twat, Willy Wheaton, Patton Oswalt, Nathaniel Muir, and Max Landis are very ungrateful and selfish pissy germs who will never think of how their attitudes and actions impact other people and their childhoods. Instead of being hired by LFL to write Star Wars stories, they need to all go see very stern psychiatrists to crack down on their pissy obsession. I want absolutely NOTHING to do with any Star Wars fandom except for the prequel groups because of my ruined childhood and adolescence and those filthy Donnie Trump-like germs bent on so-called “making Star Wars great again”.

    Double Dumbass On You Max Landis

  • Marshall

    I’m a mulatto, I love the Star Wars SAGA and I hated the confederate flag before it was cool. That pro-slavery, anti-American flag has been everywhere for the past hundred something years since the end of the Civil War, even as a mascot for a rock band! Where were these people back in the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s?


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