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The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson praises George Lucas and the story of the Prequels


The Last Jedi writer-director Rian Johnson praises George Lucas and the story of the Prequel Trilogy in a new interview with TMC (click here to watch the video):

“I thought a lot actually, while we were filming The Last Jedi — we had all this money with all these amazing people working on it, and they all were so excited to be working on a Star Wars movie. And sometimes on set, I would throw my mind back to George Lucas working with very little money in the middle of the desert with a bunch of people who had no idea what he was trying to do. Where the wind was at our back, the wind must have been in his face when he was working. And with all that, he created this world from scratch. And there’s the man.”

“How could you hate Jar Jar? How could you possibly hate Jar Jar? It’s funny because I’m of the generation who grew up with the original movies, and when we were in our twenties, we all lined up to see the Prequels and all of us had a very similar kind of reaction to them. But today it’s been very interesting for me to engage with the whole fanbase which right now includes a lot of people who were kids when the prequels came out. And to see that the prequels are to them what the original movies were to us, that kind of shaves away some of the cynicism I might have had about them. And also, I think it’s amazing to me when I step back and see what the prequels are actually about, that the prequels tell the story of how fear of loss turns good people into fascists. And the fact that that is a seven-hour kids movie — it’s pretty amazing and pretty wonderful.”



  • andywylde77

    Now here is another person I respect with their view of the SW universe. It is weird though that people like Johnson here along with Mark Hamill are able to give great unbiased views of the SW universe while not being actual LFL employees. It seems that this is the kind of view that LFL employees should have. But there a lot that don’t. But I have much respect for people like this. Not because they may see one trilogy better than the other, but they see the entire SW story for what it actually is.

  • Cryogenic

    Mixed thoughts here. He seems to give them a backhanded endorsement. I always suspected he was a weak-tea prequel fan and kinda faking it on some level. Back in July 2014, he remarked, “There was something really beautiful about the prequels.” Of course, he didn’t specify — it was a qualified and evasive piece of approval.

    It now makes sense that he would admit to not liking them. Even in his new remarks, however, he still doesn’t quite come out and say that, dodging with, “All of us had a very similar kind of reaction to them”. The fact he says that straight after asking, “How could you possibly hate Jar Jar?” suggests a degree of insincerity in his question. You know, given that Jar Jar quickly became the poster child for everything “wrong” with the prequels and an unwitting mascot for prequel hatred in general.

    It isn’t hard to infer a genuine (albeit perhaps-now-mellowed) sense of betrayal/animosity toward the prequels that RJ is otherwise tactically choosing not to articulate. It is also annoying that he is acting as a spokesperson for other people his age and subtly running with the “they’re just kids’ movies” damning-with-faint-praise, no-adult-could-possibly-enjoy-them trope. But it makes him seem level-headed and objective. In that vein, RJ seems very good at carefully formulating his words, stealthily playing both sides and offending no-one — the ideal Disney director, in other words.

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