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Syfy Wire named Padmé Amidala the best-dressed woman of genre


From Syfy Wire:

“From the Mariabot’s art deco burlesque outfit in 1927’s Metropolis to the many space capes of Star Wars, sci-fi and fantasy have always been home to some out-of-this-world fashion. Below, your friendly neighborhood Fangrrls writers pay tribute to just some of the best-dressed women of genre properties past; feel free to share your own choices in the comments. Sometimes our sartorial heroines go elaborate, and sometimes their fashion sense is more terrestrial, but everyone on this list has one thing in common: They look damn good. And/or damn weird. Hey, sometimes it’s the same thing.

01 – Padmé Amidala, Star Wars

It would be easy to say that Padmé is obviously the best-dressed woman in the galaxy because of the sheer breadth of her wardrobe—over the course of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, she dons thirty different outfits. (For comparison’s sake, fellow early aughts genre queen Arwen only got twelve over the course of her trilogy.) But what makes Padmé so well-heeled is the sheer extra-ness she brings to the table. There is no occasion she cannot elevate. A casual dinner at your summer villa with a hunky Jedi bodyguard you probably shouldn’t hook up with but want to? A leather dress with a coy feathery capelet to capture the ambivalent mood. Concealing a pregnancy? Single-handedly make A-line hoop skirts a trend. And slip into something comfortable? Please, this is Padmé kriffing Amidala we’re talking about—you know that nightgown comes with beadwork and its own tiara. And lest you accuse Padmé of being a high maintenance high femme, she’s also got some more practical looks in her repertoire. Need to be ready for anything on a volcano planet while eight months pregnant? Just toss on a pair of leggings, a tasteful tunic, and a kicky little harness. Let me put it this way: at Padmé’s own funeral, the reigning Queen of Naboo shows up in a remix of a patented Padmé ensemble. That’s not just well-dressed; that’s iconic. – Clare”

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  • andywylde77

    Oh Padme is no doubt the very best dressed character in the saga. Female wise anyway. And to me she looks beautiful in AOTC during the fireplace scene. But I think her best looks are mostly in AOTC. From very regal attire to very provocative attire. But I always thought that she has been attractive in real life and the roles she played that were not SW. The costumes though only added to her natural beauty.

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