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Screen Rant complains that The Last Jedi’s Canto Bight looks too much like a Prequel planet


From Screen Rant:

“While there’s precedent for much of the humor in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Canto Bight scenes feel dangerously close to the tone of the prequels and not deserving of the new tone J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson have constructed. […]

Almost fitting of that legacy, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the subject of much debate. There’s a lot of topics flying about, but the scenes in Canto Bight seem to be one of the key parts of the film that nearly all audiences and critics have disliked. And when looking for reasons why the tangential casino trip feels so out of place, it’s hard not to draw comparisons to the worst parts of the prequels. […]

The Star Wars universe has always been a grimy, well-worn looking place, which is part of what initially turned people off from the prequels. From the gleaming CGI surfaces to the uncanny valley of digital aliens to the gaudy costumes and sets, the aesthetic of Episodes I-III felt far removed from the original trilogy. For Lucas, the attempt was to show how things were before the fall of the Republic, though it’s undeniable given his track that he was a bit drunk on the power of CGI. More than just feeling off, the look of the prequels mirrored the overuse of slapstick and cheap gags to make the films far more adolescent than previous entries. […]

Sadly, nearly every moment in Canto Bight feels like an unfortunate retread of the prequels. There are hordes of CGI aliens (all delivering goofy gags), every surface is gold and gleaming, and there’s a prolonged chase sequence involving fathiers that ultimately leads nowhere. Even the instances of practical effects and characters get overshadowed by flying coins and silly voices. And while the scenes allow for some discussions of class in the Star Wars universe, much of the character work and commentary is lost amidst zany antics.

It’s not hard to imagine how some streamlining could have delivered the same story beats and message without all the prequel trappings (indeed, originally the scene was going to be a very different beast), and it’s not clear whether the choices were Johnson’s, Lucasfilm’s, or both. Everyone’s mileage when it comes to the new tone of Star Wars: The Last Jedi will vary, but it’s clear that the Canto Bight fans were delivered was better left on the cutting room floor.”


  • lovelucas

    Double f**k screen rant. Diaper clad fanboyz still bitching that the prequels -which were set BEFORE the Empire took over and therefore the golden, glory years of the Jedi – look too different from the loser years of the OT – loser as in the good guys lost therefore there was no golden, there was no glory – THEN – still can’t adjust to George’s story the way he wanted to tell it. Screen Rant is among the ignorant cry babies.

  • Hawker Benn

    I wish it was like the prequels. Canto Bight felt oddly earth-like to me. Unlike the exotically dressed well-to-do beings of Coruscant, Canto Bightians were all pretty much wearing earth clothes. Also the skin tones of all the creatures were human skin tones! Worse of all, not a single alien from the original 6 movies was among the crowd!

    • andywylde77

      Yeah I didn’t really mind the casino sequence. It was cool to see a different aspect of life in the SW universe. But yeah they should have put some of the classic aliens in there to bridge the saga together.

  • Ahsoka

    “There are hordes of CGI aliens”… really ?! I dont think we’ve seen the same film. Also, a lot of people said they wish we would have seen more of Canto in the film and I’m one of them. So SW should only have deserts like Jakku and Crait ?

    • andywylde77

      Yeah in AOTC that Outlander club scene was all people in costumes and real sets. What more do these folks want? And Crait was one of the most boring locales in the entire series. The looks of it anyway.

  • Bob Jones

    I tweeted at this author about this article, tried to have a civilized discussion about the prequels, and got blocked. People who are militantly anti-prequel are gross people. They literally cannot handle a dissenting opinion. Star wars is for more than just them. So uncivilized…

  • Natalie

    Canto something was like a mix between a Las Vegas casino and a Harry Potter set. Even the final scene with that kid with the broom pissed me off. What kind of ending is that for the middle chapter? You ape the OT and then not follow tradition when it’s appropriate? And why is that a broom? Even the middle class farmer on Tatooine can afford to buy some droids. Slave Anakin was building droids and pods himself.

  • andywylde77

    Well this is getting ridiculous now! SR is just Bitchfeeds dumb inbred cousin. I can’t wait till both of these companies are gone. The “new tone” that JJ and Rian have constructed? Lucas set the tone in 77 and followed through ever since.

    “though it’s undeniable given his track that he was a bit drunk on the power of CGI.” WTF does this even mean? I love how they treat Lucas like some nobody film maker while SR is just some lame publication written by journal school drop outs. Lucas shares company with people like Spielberg, Coppola, De Palma, Cameron etc. I think these people could tell you who Lucas really is. But these clowns just know what all the fans really want.

    And this “used” “lived in” “dirty” universe feel is getting on my nerves. I am really tired of hearing how SW is supposed to feel and look “lived in!” Was Geonosis not dirty and lived in enough for these people? I guess they must have hated the Death Star and Cloud City scenes in the OT then? Because those locales were nice and tidy and clean. Well at least by SR own admission, the PT felt “so far removed” from the OT. So they already lost out on ever calling the PT a rehash of the OT. For the ST though…

    “overuse of slapstick and cheap gags!” Hey SR, don’t watch TLJ then…

  • andywylde77

    Well O checked out SR comments on this article and I got to say that I give props to the poster named “Ryan” for fighting the good fight. Against someone that was pointless fighting with in the first place. But the person Ryan was debating is the type that thinks if someone likes the PT they are idiots and whatever else. But that same person is just a bandwagon follower and I guess he should be proud of that? I mean that person probably also thinks that their taste in entertainment is amazing and flawless. Everything that person likes is great and can never be bad or wrong in any way.

    But that is how it is with those “types.” They flaunt their “brilliant” taste in everything. I personally never claim any sort of thing about what my taste is. I either like it or I don’t like it. I don’t flaunt some subjective crap like a badge of honor like these rejects do. You know, like the ones who say such magnificent stuff like this,

    “You like the PT? You have such bad taste in film!” Oh no, some moron I never met thinks I have “terrible”, “bad” taste in movies? Oh whatever shall I do? How can I live with myself knowing that some reject I don’t know thinks my taste in films is bad?

    Pfft…I am really getting tired of these people. Even if someone I knew said the same I would just say, Yeah..So? Your Point?

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