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310 babies were named Anakin in 2016 in the USA


From HuffPost:

“The “Star Wars” universe has officially influenced parents’ baby name choices.

The Social Security Administration revealed in 2017 that Kylo was the fastest-growing baby name for boys, following the character Kylo Ren’s introduction in the 2015 movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” And after “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” hit theaters in 1999, the name Anakin increased in popularity by more than 400 percent: It was chosen for 114 baby boys born in 1999, up from 26 in 1998. That number had gone up even more by 2016, when the name was given to 303 baby boys and seven baby girls.

HuffPost looked at more SSA data to identify other “Star Wars”-inspired names appearing on birth certificates of babies in the U.S. […]

Here are 30 “Star Wars”-related names parents are giving their babies, plus the number of kids born in 2016 who had each name:

Leia (1,005 girls)

Kylo (238 boys, seven girls)

Jedi (32 boys)

Anakin (303 boys, seven girls)

Rey (254 boys, 63 girls)

Ahsoka (five girls)

Padme (16 girls)

Obi (seven boys)  […]

Aayla (36 girls)

Mace (64 boys) […]

Zam (six boys)  […]


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