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“The ultimate Star Wars 40th anniversary fan art” by James Raiz


From io9:

“We’ve all seen a lot of Star Wars fan art over the years, yes? Well, you’ve never seen anything like this. This is basically all of it put together in one big, beautiful image.

What you see above is just a piece of a 15-foot Star Wars mural by artist James Raiz. It combines all the characters from the first seven episodes of the Star Wars saga, as well as Rogue One, and took 450 hours spread over seven months to create. Here are a few other looks.


[…] Want to see more? Raiz also created a few videos to get into the making of the piece, as well as its details. ”



  • Cryogenic

    Astounding work from an obviously talented guy! The passion, the attention to detail, and the sheer dedication to craft combine into a beautiful artistic braid and stand out very starkly. Really lifted my spirits watching those incredible pieces coming to life, and elevated my love and admiration for the entire saga, too. This is what being a Star Wars fan is all about. Much respect.

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