George Lucas

Video: CBS talks with George Lucas & Mellody Hobson about museum of narrative art

From CBS This Morning:

“The newest saga from legendary filmmaker George Lucas is a departure from his classic film franchise. Lucas broke ground on a new museum in Los Angeles with his wife, Mellody Hobson. It’s the future home of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. When the museum is finished in three years, it will house much of their art collection of around 10,000 pieces. John Blackstone spoke with them at their skywalker ranch.”


  • Will Reardon

    If he had agreed to compromise, George could have had the musuem built in his home city of San Francisco or his wife’s home city of Chicago.

    After devoting a lifetime of succeeding as an outsider against the studio system, George is settling for a city that was hostile to him for making it as an billionaire indie filmmaker.

    While some feel the museum is about preserving his legacy, George should have had no such concern about posterity and maintained a symbolic rebelliousness towards the Hollywood establishment.

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