George Lucas,  Solo

Here is some footage of George Lucas’ visit to the set of Solo : A Star Wars Story

In the lastest installment of The Star Wars Show, Solo : A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard talks about George Lucas’ visit to the set. You can also see some footage (at 5:50).

So your history with George [Lucas] and with Lucasfilm dates all the way back to American Graffiti. What was it like working with Lucasfilm again and having George on set while you were making this film?

George came and visited on day one and he doesn’t hang around…

No pressure.

[Laughs] Well, no pressure. In fact, I felt nothing but supported. It was great to have him there. I was even kind of prodding him and he finally gave me a good idea about a little Han Solo behavior. So we can even say he pitched in. He’s always shown a lot of confidence in me and his support has meant a lot over my career. His friendship means everything.


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