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Chewbacca actor Joonas Suotamo shares an article saying it’s “absurd” not to like Solo and The Last Jedi better than the Prequels


Here is a quote from this Forbes Article:

“”Whenever Star Wars tries to develop one of the franchise’s key characters, it whiffs. Solo is no exception, a disappointment on par with The Last Jedi and the prequels,” writes Salon’s Matthew Rozsa. But placing either The Last Jedi or Solo in the same bracket as the prequels is absurd. Only someone who hasn’t watched the prequels in ages could say something so absurd.”

Joonas Suotamo played Chewbacca in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story.


  • Stefan K

    If the critic thinks so, fine. (For the record, I don’t agree.)
    However, much to learn this actor still has… He is of course entitled to his opinion, but I do not think that his behaviour is that professional. You should not disparage one part of the franchise just to elevate the one you are part of.

    Finally (however), who cares. I don’t spend much thought on who shot first, and so I will do with this tweet and the linked article.

  • PrinceOfNaboo

    Another reason why I am not interested in the Disneywars. They could have embraced positive fans like prequel fans when they were making TFA. They didn’t. Now they will have to deal with kind of fans they targeted back then.

    Distractions by pointing at the Prequels are just pathetic and make them look even more miserable.

  • Ghostly Starscream

    If they can’t defend the Disney SW films on their own merit, they’ve lost the argument. Simple as.

  • Rod Bebenek

    Han Solo was my favorite Star Wars Story that I’ve seen ! It deserves way more then to be over looked , I haven’t seen any comic book movies for about a six months or more at the theater .

  • KirkMan1701

    Me personally, I like Rogue One and Solo since they acknowledge the prequels instead of pandering to old-school Star Wars fanbrats and hate The Farce Awakens and The Last Jedi for prequel-bashing-ignoring just to reward misbehaving fanbrats. One can defend Rogue One or Solo on their own merit without drawing attention to another film one does not like. The sequel trilogy is largely indefensible on its own merit especially since it is steeped in euphemisms galore int that it is a toxic nostalgiafest disguised as diversity in media representation.

  • Gabber Chylde

    And here I thought liking and not liking a film was a subjective experience? Little did I know that liking or disliking a film was supposed to be part of some group think, hive mind collectivism.?

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