Video: “Why Hayden Christensen Played Anakin PERFECTLY – Star Wars Explained”

From Star Wars Theory:

“Hayden gets the most hate in Star Wars because of his role in the prequels (Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith). I think he played him perfectly, and here’s why… He was supposed to be monotone, moody, and confused. He was supposed to be numb and callous. Everything someone who’s depressed, held back, and emotionally beaten coming from a life of slavery should be. I can’t see anyone else playing Anakin now.”


  • Alexrd

    “emotionally beaten coming from a life”

    Oh, please. He wasn’t “emotionally beaten” as a slave. He was kind, selfless and optimistic, as everyone can see in TPM. That’s what Lucas wanted. To show how someone so kind and good could have fallen.

    I’m all for justifying and appreciating Hayden’s acting and approach to the character, but let’s not make up false attributes. Or at least not appeal to any sort of victimization of his less than ideal life condition as a kid. The character never felt that way (nor his mother). And that’s one of their strengths.

    • dante turk

      he may not have been EMOTIONALLY beaten but if you ACTUALLY watched the video you would see that he was PHYSICALLY beaten and whipped one can than assume that he was emotionally beaten as well

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