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Star Wars: Droidography book announced


“Where would our Star Wars heroes be without droids? BB-8 completed Poe Dameron’s mission and delivered the map to Luke Skywalker. Plus, he drove an actual AT-ST and rescued Finn and Rose. Chopper saved the Ghost crew on numerous occasions, including some solid undercover work. R2-D2 managed to escape the stormtrooper-infested Tantive IV, find Obi-Wan Kenobi, and get the Death Star plans all the way to the Rebellion on Yavin 4. Because of that, the planet-destroying battle station was destroyed. (Also, without Artoo, Luke would’ve most likely followed in his uncle’s footsteps and never even picked up a laser sword. He certainly wouldn’t have gotten out of that trash compactor.)

So maybe the better question is: Where would Star Wars itself be without droids?

That’s why Star Wars: Droidography, a new book coming November 6 from HarperFestival and revealed here for the first time, is so exciting. Written by Marc Sumerak and illustrated by Joel Hustak along with Massimo Travaglini and Arianna Sabella, Droidography is a deep dive into mechanical beings across Star Wars — from icons like R2-D2 to new favorites Triple Zero and Bee Tee, i.e., Doctor Aphra’s psychopathic droid pals introduced in Marvel’s comics. And maybe best of all, it’s all told from the point of view of Roger, the good-guy battle droid from LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. caught up with Sumerak over email to find out a little bit more, and also absconded with our own secret plans, as it were — your first look at Droidography‘s cover and a few interiors. […]”


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