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A canceled Star Wars Story spinoff was supposed to take place on Tatooine


From CinemaBlend:

“Right now, the future of the Star Wars franchise is a bit unclear. J.J. Abrams’ untitled Star Wars: Episode IX has entered production; and Logan‘s James Mangold has been hired to make an undated Boba Fett film, but nothing is really official beyond that. Sadly, we don’t fully know what’s going on behind closed doors at Lucasfilm — but according to production designer Neil Lamont, one of their upcoming-but-stopped projects included a return to the legendary fictional planet Tatooine. Lamont told me,

We were just starting our work on another Star Wars spin-off and yeah. We were actually just making our mark on Tatooine — which would have been interesting and some other new galaxies. So hopefully, if that comes back, we’ll get the chance to be able to do that further.

Neil Lamont’s history with the Star Wars franchise dates back to being an assistant on the set of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, and in the past couple years he’s served as production designer on both Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and Solo: A Star Wars Story. With that most recent title soon coming to home video, I had the opportunity to hop on the phone with him today and talk about his work — and it was at the end of the interview that discussion turned to the future. Given his experience not only working on Star Wars, but also on Harry Potter and James Bond titles, I asked if there were specific fictional universes or locations he wanted to give his personal touch, and he brought up his almost-got-it moment with Luke and Anakin Skywalker’s home planet in a developing spin-off. […]”


      • Alexrd

        Considering their track record, it wouldn’t be Obi-Wan either. They would find a way to destroy the character, just like they did with classic ones. It’s one thing to ask for prequel stuff back in 2015, when we didn’t know better. Now, I’m just glad they haven’t touched prequel material yet.

    • starwarsfan10

      Was it disrespect to Star Wars fans when they chose to give Clone Wars a revival by putting it on their upcoming streaming service, by putting Maul in Solo or by having Filoni continue Lucas’s legacy of telling new fresh stories in Rebels? No, it wasn’t. And, as much as I feel KK and Disney could’ve done better handling of Star Wars (GL did things better which I’ll admit), they can make up for their mistakes after realizing the mistakes they made by seeing Solo flop. We will hold them accountable, but, that doesn’t mean dwelling on negativity, especially when we have Favreau’s upcoming series being about planet Mandalore after the fall of the Empire and 12 epsiodes to round out Clone Wars in the way it should’ve been had it still been on TV.

      In other words, be careful making up lies, because the prequel haters will call you psychos and I know that’s not what you should be known as. If you keep being hateful to Disney, you’ll never get what you want the way you want it, so, fight for what you want the right way, because if you go down the wrong path, you will be nothing but forgotten relics from a finished timeline of Star Wars history. The fire of Lucas has gone out of the universe. Dave Filoni is al that’s left of his religion.

      • Joe

        Sorry it’s frustrating to hear people say that they are done with star wars along with sites like Disney Star Wars is Dumb all but declaring the frachise dead and Disney has been a part of me all my life but i know they made some missteps hopefully things will get better

      • Alexrd

        Who’s making up lies? And no, to me, they can’t make up for their mistakes. They’ve already delved too deep with them. Are they going to adapt Lucas’ stories for the sequels that they chose to discard? No. They’ve already invested millions of dollars on their own sequels. If all it takes for them to get your approval is shoving Maul in story that wasn’t meant to be in or off-hand references to secondary prequel characters, that’s your choice. To me, it takes more than that.

        Even the return of The Clone Wars needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It remains to be seen if they are going to stay true to the stories George created back then or if they are going to change things up. I’m definitely not going to pay a monthly fee to see it. If they eventually release it on home video, maybe.

        And I don’t hate Disney. I dislike them for what they have done (and keep doing) and will continue to criticize them accordingly.

  • Cryogenic


    What’s with the hostile invective? If you want to cast your fireballs of hate, send some the way of TFN (TheForce.Net) and its Maoist message board. Alex is one of the only Lucas loyalists not already banned or driven away. Read George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” — it’s like the moderators read a Dunce’s Digest version of that book, rubbed their hands together in glee, and said, “Let’s see if we can make this fly.” Alex is just another guy with an opinion; but he’s also doing prequel fans proud by toughing out a very hostile set of circumstances. I, for one, say that Alex can be as “negative” as he wants to be. Some of us no longer have a voice because we were taken outside and quietly “disposed” of. You sound incredibly threatened by one person and their plain-spoken opinion.

    • Cryogenic

      Oh, looks like someone massively edited their post — or something.

      I’m just surprised to see more attacks on Alex; and a cowardly attack, too, coming from someone with an anonymous username.

      The one set of fans derogated from Day One of the Disney transition in 2012 have been prequel fans and prequel fans alone.

      In other words: Business as usual. Advocating for George Lucas and being loyal to HIS movies, HIS characters, HIS stories, HIS ideals, has never been popular.

      It would be nice if disdain toward PT fans wasn’t dressed up as open-mindedness about upcoming prequel projects or loyalty to Disney — especially when Disney/LFL did so much to stoke the hatred the past few years and were even happy to put out propaganda that deemed all the hatred/disdain toward “The Last Jedi” as the work of trolls and alt-right sociopaths.

      By the way: George Lucas, Ben Burtt, J.W. Rinzler, et al., were treated very coldly by Abrams and others when they enacted their hostile takeover of Lucasfilm. Where is the outcry over that? Some people don’t just mindlessly accept a new regime; especially when it traitors loyalists and veterans and throws out all the values of the old. You know, rather like that little space fable — something called “Star Wars”??? Rebels vs. Empire; Organa vs. Vader; Faith vs. Arrogance??? I guess some are never going to learn these basic lessons.

    • Alexrd

      Thanks Cryo.

      Oh, I’ve banned from ‘you know where’. A temporary ban that is to be expired today, it seems. My crime? To say (within its due context) that the ST are not the “true sequels” and therefore Lucas can’t be blamed for any inconsistencies they provide with the previous movies. It was considered bait and bashing. Did I explain myself? Yes. Did it change anything or merited a response? No.

      And yes, good call on Lucas, Burtt and particularly Rinzler, whose blog was taken down by the Mouse in front of everyone. His crime? To share stories about his decade-long time within Lucasfilm.

      • Cryogenic


        Banned (if only temporarily)? Why am I not surprised? It’s a miracle you’ve lasted this long! And I mean no disrespect: I’m purely passing judgement on their degree of intolerance for pro-Lucas/anti-ST posts and posters. Even that binary terminology makes me cringe slightly. But you know what I mean. If you’re seen to be throwing a punch against Disney, any of its products, or any of the existing Lucasfilm personnel, projects, or policies, in any way, shape, or form, you essentially paint a target on your back — the mods interfere, harass, censor, and begin watching you very closely. TFN has turned into the message board equivalent of Scientology.

        How ironic — and how divorced from any sense of fairness or equanimity — for a site that openly embraced prequel bashing for years; and was still allowing PT bashers a more-than-equal (“All opinions are equal, but some are more equal than others”) share of the whip, even in specialized prequel “appreciation” threads, or threads where prequel fans were trying to genuinely discuss their opinions in-depth and disseminate useful snippets and links. All run aground by narcissistic prequel bashers and rabid Disney fanatics; all aided and abetted by the corrupt moderators. And now I’m thinking of the original description of the “Old Republic” at the front of the 1976 Star Wars novelization by Alan Dean Foster.

        Obviously, Disney fans (including all the Disney-aligned moderators) don’t need to explain themselves one bit — no matter how censorious or vitriolic they get. But prequel fans and those with critical remarks toward the new films and personnel must ceaselessly annotate their thoughts and defend their positions; and be on the lookout for another scold, another warning, another rebuke. All quite deliberate. For Disney lovers, no explanation needed. For Disney/Sequel critics, no explanation possible. No matter how carefully or eloquently you explain yourself, you’re always being rounded on — no defence is ever good enough. The mark of collectivist/fascist oppression.

        The whole site has been taken over by bigots and frauds. I tip my hat to you for your unalloyed fealty to George Lucas and commitment to speaking the truth from your point of view. You’re at a very nasty place full of people who have no understanding of free speech, impartiality, or (in many cases) how to even formulate correct sentences, let alone construct an argument — and who wouldn’t blink if you were permanently struck off and erased from the record books. Some of them are probably looking forward to the day they can find a half-decent (crooked) excuse to remove you for good. The cynical part of me says they’re largely keeping you there for image purposes — and because questions might start being raised about their cookie-cutter gestures to “tolerance” and “diversity” (rather like Disney’s) if you, one of the last of the old crew, a champion of the old films and visible Disney dissenter, suddenly disappeared. They want to appear to be inclusive and non-controlling, when the reality is quite different.

        Disney/LFL don’t want the truth being known. They effectively silenced Rinzler, the official Lucasfilm scribe/editor, twice over — they shuttered his blog in no time flat; and, of course, they pulled his “Making Of” book on “The Force Awakens” from publication. It’s no surprise that the moderators at TFN take all their cues from their Disney overlords. Now that social media has become such a powerful force, those in positions of power have started to get nervous and practice censorship in a bid to control the flow of information and money/resources. Individual liberty is again under threat. If you don’t continually reiterate the dominant “values” of the herd/team/corporation, or if you even fail to use the “appropriate” terms, you’ll quickly be isolated and banished. We’re living at a dangerous moment in history.

      • Alexrd


        Yes, the only thing they have going for it is the decades-long structure/user base. But time will take care of it, like it always does. It’s only a matter of time until an alternative appears (if it hasn’t already, although I’m not aware of it) and the exodus begins.

        I’ll say this: as someone with an 10-year old account, I’ve been ‘banned’ 3 times. All of them within last year (and with very debatable motives). Coincidence? I think not. I’ll continue to say what I want to say within the rules I’ve signed up for back then. If I’m ever banned, so be it. Perhaps it will be better for my life to not spend so much time arguing Star Wars online. It’s just a shame that so many like-minded people are scattered around and unable to gather together and have in-depth discussions about SW.

      • Cryogenic


        The extremely solid structure/user-base (I appreciate that terminology) is what makes the situation with the moderation so infuriating (and pathetic). They have an absolutely killer foundation; one of the best I’ve seen. And they don’t seem to see (or care — sadly, perhaps this is closer to the truth) how much they’re eviscerating and destroying it. But I agree that time will probably have the last laugh and the hands of fate will bring about something better.

        The Star Wars Cantina was one I thought about going over to recently. But it’s full of PT bashing; and the moderation is every bit as lax and oppressive (that terribly obnoxious combination that rots the soul of any board) as TFN. I was almost convinced the moderation was at least a “step above” the other place initially; because that was the claim that was continually made. “We take a light-handed approach”. It worked to dupe me — until I saw moderator behaviour identical to TFN (censoring a user, then intervening underneath and telling everyone to “drop their issues” with TFN in a thread specifically set up for people to discuss their issues with it). My (misplaced) enthusiasm quickly went up in a puff of smoke.

        Here’s an alternative that was set up last year — but very few posts:


        I’ve kept meaning to add some posts of my own, but then I keep losing the will.

        In the interests of full disclosure, I will freely admit that I was banned five or six times in my first 4-5 years on TFN (2005-2010). Mostly based on trivial scuffles. I don’t recall a single ban after that — minus the sudden “permaban” applied last year and an “accidental” ban in 2012 after the boards re-opened on the new software (an admin told me they re-applied bans to many accounts based on an “out of date” spreadsheet). Yet, when I was banned last year, it was immediately written out by the banning mod on my last post that I had been “warned about this many times by many moderators” — but warned about what? It was never officially explained to me what infraction I had committed; much less what warranted a permanent ban (or even that I HAD been permanently banned). I later learned the truth (Obi-Wan style) in a private Facebook discussion some months later. I had no access to the “unban request” forum; and the THREE times I asked for information using the “contact us” link were also ignored. So someone apparently took pity on me and explained what happened; but I later saw that same person lying about my fate on the boards anyway. Then, later on, they half changed their stance and (sort of) told the truth. It’s so corrupt.

        I do try and look at it as a blessing in disguise. The opening of AOTC: Every cloud has a silver lining. But I’m still disgruntled about it. Mikeximus was given a permanent ban the month before me, too. I hope he won’t mind me saying that. I find it sort of hilarious, too: We were both banned the year of Star Wars’ 40th Birthday! Mike was banned the very same month (May) and I followed in June. So much for a party/convivial feel!!! Yet some of the other people who were aggressively bashing the PT and sneering at those with more critical views toward Disney and the new films were left untouched. It is obvious that they also kept prodding us in threads and pushing buttons so that the mods would shut down threads they gave warnings about. “Keep this up and we’ll close the thread”. It handed them their goal on a plate. PT critics/Disney fans and the moderators (who basically have the same “sexual orientation” toward the films) conspired with one another to see more critical PT fans silenced — threads were closed, people were banned, stiff “ground rules” were put in place about acceptable/unacceptable lines of discussion, what terms to avoid, etc. Very Orwellian (with more than a tinge of Kafka, too). I feel sickened that I even publicly praised the PT mods a year before my ban; saying how much more tolerant and laid back they were than their predecessors. Things soon changed!!!

        The loss of access to my private messages was as big a blow (or bigger) than losing posting access to the boards. Because the moderators had done such a poor job at ensuring threads stayed on-topic and PT bashers weren’t allowed to keep involving themselves in heated discussions and baiting fans, many PT fans had actually begun leaving the boards and others retreated into private discussions and laid low. I was doing half and half. I kept my board posting up; but I suddenly found myself having much more fun talking with like-minded people “behind the waterfall” (so to speak). We had our own little enclave and it was great. I was hoping to port some of the insights across to public threads in the future; but my banning put pay to that. It’s sad that so many genuine PT fans with wonderful voices of their own have been driven away in disgust. Because they really have. It has always been difficult to have smart discussions about the PT. And since selling to Disney, George has (ironically) made it worse. No wonder he seems to think so little of the Internet in general.

  • Alexrd


    Well, if there’s any chance to reach you guys (didn’t know Mikeximus was banned too), let me know. I don’t mind joining that forum you mentioned. I even considered creating my own, but I don’t even know how to reach everyone else that has been gone. I only found you here by accident. Are you on Twitter or something?

    • Cryogenic


      Mike and I had a strong presence on TFN in the PT forum in the years following the Disney transition — especially 2015-2017. Seems pretty clear they wanted to get rid of us. We were being too “passionate” (as I was told in private on Facebook) and lacked civility and grace or some other nonsense. Therefore, we’re never allowed to post there, ever again! Makes sense, right? Star Wars fans being passionate. That’s now evil and wrong. Oh, wait. Only if you’re a PT fan. Be as passionate, conceited, vile, rude, dismissive as you like; provided it’s the new movies you’re defending and evil Disney critics you’re shooting down.

      The “Naberrie Fields” forum there is very sluggish; I mean, there’s really no discussion, unfortunately. But you could join and that might be a way to sustain basic contact. I don’t know.

      Never used Twitter, but I have Skype.

      You can add me under: cryogenicjr

      I was actually chatting with some PT fans (crew from TFN) on Skype recently. Big group chat. I was hoping someone could invite you. Left recently; but thinking of maybe starting a new discussion/chat group of some kind soon.

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