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Samuel L. Jackson wished he had fight scenes in The Phantom Menace


From Metro:

“Samuel L Jackson might be set for a dramatic return to the Star Wars franchise.

At least that’s what the actor hopes.

The 69-year-old says he would be totally ‘down’ for a reprisal of his role as Mace Windu, whom he played in Star Wars in Episodes I-III.

Just one little problem, though. Samuel’s character kind of died in Revenge of the Sith after losing an arm and getting thrown through a window during a fight with Palpatine. So how exactly would Mace Windu come back from the dead?

Sharing his theory with Empire, Samuel explained: ‘You know, it’s not that crazy that Jedi can fall from great heights and survive. And how many one-handed people are roaming about in that galaxy? Quite a few… I’ve still got the old Jedi spirit. I’m down.’ […]

Samuel added: ‘If they call me, I’ll show up – hell, I’m hanging around just for that. I’d even show up as a hologram or some shit.’

Hmm, Samuel might want to book some other jobs just in case.

According to Samuel, he begged George not to kill off his character when writing the script for Revenge of the Sith but, unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears.

Samuel revealed: ‘I was really the only person they could do something to in the movie to create some turmoil, because everyone else shows up in the original films. I kept saying to George, ‘You sure about this? I can kill this dude – you know that, right?’

Although his character appeared in three Star Wars installments, Samuel admits to being disappointed at Mace Windu’s lack of scenes in Episode I, The Phantom Menace.

The actor said: ‘I started to realise I was just going to be sitting in a Jedi Council room with my arms folded. I was flicking through the pages like crazy, going, “Fight? Fight? Fight? No? Damn!”

‘But you can’t turn something like that down. You know, it’s the greatest fantasy series ever in the world and all of a sudden the genie turns up and says, “Your wish is granted… but you won’t be the star”. I was there but I couldn’t fight.’ […]”


  • Alexrd

    Not that I wanted them to ruin prequel characters too, but from a business standpoint, Disney is wasting a lifetime opportunity to take advantage of the prequel era. They have a bunch of actors from the movies that can still act their parts (as in, they haven’t aged that much) and they are ignoring them all. Sam Jackson, Temuera Morrison, Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen, Liam Neeson, etc, etc… I’m not even talking about leading roles, but having them at least as secondary/supporting characters.

    • Cryogenic

      Yes!!! To add to that: They booted wonderful assets straight to the curb — like Ben Burtt. What kind of a company kicks out one of the most genius sound designers and sound editors of all time? Star Wars has the most wonderful sound design on Earth. So I think their blatant disregard and shunning of core talent says a lot. Of course, other talents have remained or even been brought back — like Doug Chiang. But what has their work under Disney/LFL really amounted to so far? You won’t hear the same plaudits for the visual design and world-building in the sequels that the prequels (and even the originals) frequently receive. They’re not in the same league. And giving J.W. Rinzler has pink slip was a grievous error, too. All this control, control, control — based on fear and greed — has really sapped Star Wars of the spark and creative edge it once had. It has become very safe and dull and too much of a Marvel clone. In my opinion, anyway.

      And without Lucas steering the ship, can you really have that lofty sense of the eccentric and the absurd — and the triumphant and the ruminative?

      And what about the thematic intelligence of the series? Where have the great political and philosophical underpinnings gone?

    • Stefan K

      Interestingly, I have only had major characters and their actors in mind (Hayden, Ewan, maybe Liam), but I have never thought of the minor characters (e.g. Temuera as Boba or Jango or an older clone trooper…)! Nice idea!
      To be fair, they at least brought Mon Mothma and Bail Organa back.

      As for Samuel L. Jackson returning… Well, who knows. Maybe a Clone Wars movie, or – let’s be crazy – an Elseworld spin-off (“I am back. Electrocuting only made me stronger. And now, I want these m[censored]ing Sith out of my m[censored]ing Senate.”)

      On a more serious note, I hope that the Obi-Wan movie will somehow become a reality. Or that they even feature Hayden in EP IX (at least his voice if someone thinks that Hayden’s face should not show up for whatever [bad] reason…)

      • Cryogenic

        Just to jump back in here:

        I’ll at least give them credit for the Mon Motha/Bail Organa scene in “Rogue One”. It’s very short, but perfect. Having those actors back makes all the difference!

      • Alexrd

        It’s really not that hard to make a standalone adventure story featuring Mace Windu (or any other character for that matter). TCW did it weekly. And the possibilities within the 10-year gap between TPM and AOTC are endless. The rise of the separatist movement, the unrest it caused throughout the galaxy, the Jedi with their hands full, etc… It doesn’t need to be set during TCW.

        But my point is that people don’t stay the same forever, they age. It’s now or never, and they don’t seem to be that interested in taking advantage of this opportunity. Considering what they have done so far, maybe it’s for the best. But from a business standpoint, it’s an huge waste.

  • Alexrd

    One only needs to look at Lucas’ approved Jedi Temple concept for Episode VII vs what we got in TLJ to see how the ‘Star Wars touch’ is missing. Without the master at the helm, the boat is expectedly adrift.

    • Cryogenic

      Great example. I can’t remember where I read the comment or who said it, but someone observed — and I think it might have been a former Lucas critic — that the original temple design was extremely fascinating with the metal “bell” structure either fastened or floating above a lower rock structure: an expression of the dualistic merging of industry/craftmanship and nature in a kind of mystical harmony (not unlike the Geonosians and their advanced metallurgy and weapons-designing mixed with sand and termite structures). And the interior: An intriguing blend of the Senate rostrum and Palpatine’s office window. Disney/LFL had to simplify it and remove those prequel resonances in the process. Sure, they found a great natural location with its own human history (watch Episode I (no pun intended) of the great BBC series “Civilisation” with Kenneth Clarke), so it’s not “all bad”, necessarily; but it could have been so much better.

      • Alexrd

        I guess the stone structures they found could have worked as an alien settlement, but there’s no temple in TLJ. It’s a forgettable rock fissure. There’s nothing in it that signals Jedi, GFFA, or Star Wars for that matter. If anything, it’s full of un-Star Wars elements. The paper books being a prime example. I wouldn’t find it strange at all if Gandalf suddenly appeared to pick them up.

      • Cryogenic

        It’s like they purposely constructed the ST with a “medieval” texture in mind. I commented before that seeing paper is as incongruous as seeing quills. What happened to holocrons? We’ve never seen one on-screen before. That would have been cool. Another wasted opportunity. One of the things that immediately grabs you in the original movie is how Lucas blends the rocky environs on Tatooine with ambling metal robots, hovering cars with Art Deco grilles, and sleek white interior architecture at the Lars homestead that looks like it came from a 1960s Swedish art exhibit (or THX). You get this very alien feel in the opening act that’s both obvious and understated. It feels very natural and picturesque; and it allows your mind to wander and somehow justifies all the action and adventure that follows. Imagine these people coming up with something half that good. Pah!!!

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