Prequel Trilogy,  Solo

The Star Wars Show: Ray Park talks about returning as Maul and going to the Solo premiere with Ewan McGregor

This week on The Star Wars Show, Maul actor Ray Park talks about returning in Solo: A Star Wars Story and going to the premiere with Obi-Wan actor Ewan McGregor. New behind-the-scenes footage is shown.


  • lovelucas

    Irritated that one outlet wrote and promoted that Ray created all the fight choreography for the prequels (which was done by Nick Gillard) and that he had full access to the entire script because of that second job. Give credit where credit’s due!!!

    • Joe

      One a**hole on screen rant said that Dave filoni is a hack calling clone wars and rebels lame kiddie shows crap and tinker toy abominations I’LL say it again star wars has one of the worst fandoms f**k this piece of sh*t

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