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Star Wars Adventures: Tales from Vader’s Castle creative team wanted Dooku to look like Dracula


“From the cave on Dagobah in The Empire Strikes Back to visions of Sith spectres in The Clone Wars animated series, Star Wars has long been strong with the spooky side of the Force. That’s never been more apparent, or more beautifully celebrated, than in IDW Publishing’s current five-issue comic book miniseries Star Wars Adventures: Tales from Vader’s Castle. The story follows a rebel crew that crash-lands on maybe the creepiest of all Star Wars locales: Mustafar, the lava planet that’s also home to Darth Vader’s towering castle on a (molten) hill. As the ragtag group tries to survive the world’s harsh conditions and make their way into the imposing structure, they share scary stories from across the timeline of Star Wars. It’s perfect for Halloween season, and something that fans of all ages can enjoy. Issue #3 arrives today, and is celebrating the comic series’ midpoint in spooktacular fashion — we’ve asked series writer Cavan Scott to take us inside Vader’s Castle, as it were, showing us the process from script to finished page, complete with his own commentary and a first look at what horrors await in issues #4 and #5. Enjoy…if you dare! […]



Kelley Jones’s original pencils from Tales from Vader’s Castle #2.


Tales from Vader’s Castle #2: “Count Dooku: Prince of Darkness” – Page 10

[…] I have always loved Kelley Jones’s Batman art, so when Mike [Siglain of Lucasfilm] told me that Kelley was providing the art for issue 2, I was over the moon. This is the issue that started it all. Mike and I are both big Hammer Horror fans and so he knew what he was doing when he suggested doing a Halloween special featuring Christopher Lee’s Star Wars character. Originally, we thought about riffing off Frankenstein, but looking back it always had to be Dracula. The script includes the description: ‘DOOKU has never looked more like Dracula!’ to which Mike added a note ‘Go to town, Kel!’ That last panel is pure Hammer.”

Frightening fun facts:

“The planet Bray is named after Bray Studios, Hammer’s legendary studios where many of its most famous horrors were filmed, including Dracula: Prince of Darkness.””

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