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Padmé Amidala is coming to the Hasbro Black Series


“Finally, the senator has arrived.

Hasbro announced today at Comic Con Paris that the iconic Padmé Amidala is joining the 6-inch Star Wars: The Black Series line of action figures. Long requested by fans, the figure is based on Padmé’s appearance in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and utilizes Hasbro’s Photo Real paint technology, resulting in an uncanny likeness. Check the famed hero out below in all her droid-factory-exploring glory.


“Padmé is one of many figures that we will look to represent in 6-inch scale from the prequel trilogy, which over the years has seen a renewed swell of support and fandom,” Steve Evans, design director at Hasbro, exclusively tells “We wanted to choose a heroic outfit for Padmé that exemplified her courage and her willingness to leave the trappings of royalty behind and get into the action. The intact Geonosian arena costume with scarf epitomized that to us — both elegant and fierce.” […]

Look for both figures to be released in the spring of 2019. […]”



  • Bob Jones

    I eagerly await the day when we get an Anakin figure. I have NOTHING against the clone wars, but I specifically want a movie Anakin. A dual wielding Arena Anakin would be the perfect counterpart to this.

  • Marshall

    Um, why are they doing her Geonosis battle gear AGAIN? Can’t they choose an outfit that’s never been done before? Like her “Liberty dies” gown or her “Annie, I’m pregnant” gown or her many Clone Wars fashions? And get back to making three inch figures I don’t collect 6 inch!

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