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Star Wars Battlefront II audio files suggest Padmé and Ahsoka will come to the game


Reddit user willcalderone0630 found mentions of Padmé Amidala and Ahsoka Tano in the audio files of Star Wars Battlefront II, more specifically in the voice lines of General Grievous. This discovery suggests that the two heroines will come to the game in future updates.


Listen to the audio files:


  • Kate Monroe

    Well, at least Clone Wars fans will be happy Ahsoka is in the game soon. Makes me wonder what actress will be modeling her.


    I know.

    Rosario Dawson. Only because Rosario said she’d kill to play Ahsoka and also because Filoni liked a tweet with someone suggesting Rosario Dawson play Ahsoka.

    • Bob Jones

      There’s a model from another game that looks fairly realistic. I assume they’ll base it on that somehow. Might be galaxy of heroes?

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