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New animated series Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures to debut on November 30; look at the trailer and the key art



“Adventure awaits you and the younglings in your life in Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures, a new series of animated shorts that will introduce the classic themes, pivotal moments, and iconic characters from the Star Wars saga to the next generation.

Debuting on the all-new and the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel on November 30, the first six shorts combine original dialogue, music, and sound effects with bold new animations, and fun and educational add-ons designed to help older fans, parents, and other mentors to welcome the kids in their lives to explore the galaxy far, far away. Additional shorts featuring fan-favorite characters will debut in December, with regular releases following in 2019.

“With Galaxy of Adventures, we wanted to craft something that allowed parents to help their kids take their first step into a much larger world whether they were ready to show their kids the films or wanted to find new ways to explore the content,” James Waugh, Lucasfilm’s vice president for franchise content and strategy, tells

The dynamic animated adventures are only part of a multi-pronged initiative under the Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures banner, and the beginning of a year-long celebration of Star Wars storytelling, which will culminate with the final chapter in the Skywalker saga — Star Wars: Episode IX — in theaters December 2019.

Today you can get your first look at the official series trailer and key art, both featured below! recently sat down with Waugh to talk about parenting Padawans, the educational aspects of teaching children about the saga, and how Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures can put younglings on the path to becoming Jedi Knights. […]

Of course, Star Wars has long been accessible to kids of all ages, including adults who are still kids at heart, stretching beyond the boundaries of genre to revel in timeless mythological themes. “We’re passionate about our fans, and passionate to develop content that continues the Star Wars story in a deeper way, filling in the story gaps around the movies, and expanding the universe and its characters in new and more mature directions,” Waugh says. “But we’re also passionate about what Star Wars can be for kids — to light up those early imaginations. It’s a fairy tale, a mythic landscape that was designed to inspire.” Creating content that speaks directly to kids bridges the gap “and allows for Star Wars parents to pass back this love to their kids,” Waugh says.

Children in particular respond to bite-sized content, but Waugh notes that with digital media at our fingertips, everyone today is engaging more and more with micro-content. That gives the creative team behind the new series — director Barry Kelly and Titmouse Animation – the chance to play around in the Star Warsgalaxy. “It allows us to really drill into moments, to tell simple stories, unencumbered by the needs of a traditional narrative structure — it’s allowing the creators to play more, experiment more,” Waugh says.


What could have been more direct retellings became a fresh perspective on some of the most beloved lines and scenes. “They took on the challenge, and embraced the opportunity to leverage the medium and target audience to breathe new life into scenes from the original trilogy, or create new scenes, new moments that exemplify the heroism of the characters; their key traits,” Waugh says. “There were a lot of discussions around what were the right stories or moments to develop that would show these traits.”

The series also includes a complementary piece of entertainment, mixed-media shorts on Star Wars Fun Facts, as well as guides to help older fans continue the conversation after the credits roll. “One of the wonderful aspects of the Star Warsuniverse is that you can always explore more and go deeper into the fiction.” Luke receives his lightsaber in the introductory short, “and there’s also a Fun Facts that focuses on all the cool elements and history of lightsabers in general,” Waugh notes. In addition, a new line of Hasbro toys will be available on December 1, exclusively at Walmart and then nationwide in January 2019. […]”


  • Alexrd

    “a new series of animated shorts that will introduce the classic themes, pivotal moments, and iconic characters from the Star Wars saga to the next generation”

    Whatever happened to letting kids watch the actual movies, as intended?

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