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Video: Jar Jar actor Ahmed Best: “That moment I opened up about suicide”

From SoulPancake:

“Ahmed played Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars. He dealt with bullying and harassment from fans and insiders alike that lead to a suicidal moment. After posting about his experience recently, he was met an outpouring of support from those who were culprits in the early 2000s.”


    • archdukeofnaboo

      A lot of media outlets today would like to pretend it was just the fans, or the “toxic fandom” as they’re now known. Laying the blame on someone else – how original. Ahmed makes it abundantly clear what the media did to his life as a young, upcoming actor. I’ll never forget what was done to him and Jake Llyod, and neither will Mark Hamill either.

      • Alexrd

        Yes, fans have become the scapegoat for all wrong things the media and the ones they shill for have done and are doing. And the more they double down, more and more people wake up to what’s going on.

  • archdukeofnaboo

    @Alexrd To be fair, there are a quite lot of awful fans (the folks who made “The people vs George Lucas in particular), but the media has amnesia on how they were once in league. I can’t recall any outlet who had to courage to stand up to the RLM reviews, can you?

      • archdukeofnaboo

        That’s true, and there are also the most bizarre kind of fans who slandered Lucas to death during the prequel era and now want him back because they dislike the newer films. I have no time for these clowns.

      • joe

        just read comments on youtube on a fanmade video on nostalgia critic and red letter media that said the usual crap saying lucas is a fraud saying f**k you lucas trashing the writing lightsaber fights yoda fighting with a lightsaber palpatine fighting with a lightsaber the cgi THEY PROBABLY THINK THE NEW TRILOGY IS BETTER F**K THEM!

  • Bob Jones

    All of the people commenting “I’m glad you didn’t kill yourself, but I still hate Jar Jar” can rot in the deepest pits of hell. If you REALLY have to let everyone know your stupid, incorrect opinions, this is not the appropriate place. If they watched the video at all, they would at least understand why he felt that he was intertwined with his character. I’ve been seeing some anti-prequel stuff pop up more frequently lately, and I just wanted somewhere to say FUCK those people.

    • archdukeofnaboo

      I totally agree Bob, the insistence on a qualifier makes me want to puke. Those of us who’ve lost family members or friends through suicide know that it is nothing to take lightly.

      And you’re right about the anti-prequel thing too. There’s been a few nasty things lately against Hayden Christensen on r/prequelmemes that’ve been upvoted galore. It’s far from the “pro prequel, anti-sequel” haven some make it out to be. A lot of people unfortunately still have axes to grind against the PT.

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