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Official Star Wars Celebration Chicago art revealed


“At Star Wars Celebration Chicago, Artist Alley is home to a line of exclusive art that’s truly by the fans, for the fans. Professional artists from our world have paid homage to the galaxy far, far away with tributes to Princess Leia, celebrations of the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace, and so much more.

As we countdown to five days of panels, sneak peeks, big reveals, and big fun, we caught up with the denizens of Artist Alley, home to some familiar creators and new faces, to give you a glimpse at the exclusive artwork that will be available only at Star Wars Celebration Chicago. And starting today, you can head over to Dark Ink where pre-orders for the Acme Archives editions are now live, ending March 15 at noon, as well as official art from other individual artists!

In their own words, this year’s official Star Wars Celebration artists talk about what inspired them to create each piece… […]


Cryssy Cheung, “In Umbris Potestas Est”

“To get ideas for what I wanted to do for my Celebration print this year, I binge-watched Star Wars Rebels.  The art direction was inspiring and the storyline was captivating; I didn’t expect to see Maul, but there he was! From that moment, I knew I wanted to create a piece centered around Maul’s quest to find and open the Sith Holocron.” […]swcc_art2

Zoltan Simon, “Ill-Starred Love / The Good in Him”

“Star Wars has so many strong motifs and archetypes, I always find inspiration in them. The idea of this image came into my mind when I was standing in a beautiful garden at Lake Como last September, at the shooting location of the wedding scene from Attack of the Clones. The picture catches the dark and inevitable future in a beautiful and happy moment: Darth Vader’s mask building up like a cracked glass coffin around Padmé’s face. From the opposite point of view, if we try to see through Vader’s mask, we can see the love and the good in him — the good that never left him.” […]


Danny Haas, “The Phantom Menace”

“My Celebration Chicago piece celebrates the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace. I like to think of it as the 20th anniversary of my love of Star Wars.” […]


Brian DeGuire, “Celebrating 20 years of Podracing”

“My piece this year was inspired by the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace.  Twenty years ago, Star Wars movies came back into our lives with memorable scenes and new characters.  I think we can all agree that one of the most iconic scenes in that movie was the Boonta Eve Podrace.  I knew I couldn’t miss the chance to draw some of the great alien characters in that scene.” […]


Chris Dee, “Pack Hunt”

“I knew from the start that I wanted to do a Clone Trooper piece. I set myself the challenge to come up with a new kind of composition, something fresh that clone trooper fans would appreciate! I quickly found inspiration from photographs of Navy SEAL paratroopers.” […]


Joey Spiotto, “The Force Unites Us”

“For my Star Wars celebration piece I wanted to bring all of my favorite characters from the three trilogies together in one image. The world of Star Wars has inspired me since I was a child and I’ve channeled that childhood love with this storybook-inspired illustration.”


Jason Palmer,”There is Another”

“I was just drawing a blank, but hoping my muse would show up. I started to think about how, to my great relief, women were playing a greater role in the world around us, as well as in the galaxy far, far away.   In my mind’s eye, I saw them all in a room together; they were smiling, chatting amongst themselves, laughing.  They were getting ready for a group portrait.  Boom. There it was.” […]
Star Wars Celebration Chicago will take place April 11-15 at McCormick Place.”


  • archdukeofnaboo

    “Gungans no longer allowed in pit areas” hahahahaha. I love that Boonta Eva Classic poster.

    The second image, by Zoltan Simon, which is more AotC, is tremendous. A beautiful collage between Padmé on her wedding day, and the helmet that will one day encase her husband.

  • Cryogenic

    These new images are a vast, vast improvement over the first few “Celebration 2019” posters that lit up the comments section of Naboo News. Were they merely gauging fan opinion and reading these comments? Seems like they heard us. It really does beg the question of why they didn’t debut these much more prequel-friendly — and in the case of the last two, “The Force Unites Us” and “There is Another”, radically more inclusive — posters to begin with.

    There’s also a tremendous, electrifying sense of imagination on display here. I love the varied approaches. This is Star Wars done right.

    The Darth Maul and “Darth Padme” posters by Cryssy Cheung and Zoltan Simon are especially striking, provocative, and unexpected. While the red-green monochromatic “cutout” style of Danny Haas’s TPM poster is terrifically composed and has a wonderfully vivid snap. Give me anything from Menace or Clones and you’ve already sold me.

    Brian DeGuire’s podracing poster is another cleanly-composed offering that showcases a nice sense of humour. Chris Dee’s clonetrooper poster has a fine sense of perspective and lighting. Joey Spiotto’s emoji-like collage is beautifully colourful, warm and playful, and finally does justice to the rich assortment of heroes and villains in the multi-trilogy and utterly foundational Skywalker saga.

    And last but not least: Jason Palmer’s halogenic frieze of female warriors and badasses organically bridges multiple expanses and mythic mesas of the Star Wars universe to deliver a superlative dose of epic heroism. Reminding us all of the capacity of art and entertainment to inspire, uplift, and kindle modes of thought and action that impel us to dream big and transform the world.

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