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Video: “Every Time Jedi or Sith is Said in Star Wars Movies”

From Star Wars Kids:

“The Jedi are guardians of peace and justice; the Sith use hate and fear to embrace the dark side of the Force. In this episode of Star Wars By the Numbers, find out how many times “”Jedi”” and “”Sith”” are said in the Star Wars movies!”


  • Cryogenic

    Some omissions (as noted in the YouTube comments), but an interesting glimpse of the mechanics and leanings of the films all the same. Use of the term “Jedi” outweighs use of the term “Sith” roughly five-to-one, and adding the originals and the existing Disney films bumps that up seven-to-one. Gives a good sense of where the focus of these films lies. They seem much oriented around a sense of ethics and living virtuously. Perhaps some of those ancient philosophers, overlooking their elitist flourishes, would have found something to admire in this “simple” crowd-pleasing entertainment.

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