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Take a look at Star Wars Celebration’s massive saga mural

Lucasfilm put a massive mural that encapsulates the whole Star Wars saga at Celebration Chicago. Here it is, except the Episode IX section which which will be revealed later (via Dead Horse Media):


Check out this older article for more insight: “Lucasfilm readies massive mural that will feature the entire Star Wars saga for Celebration Chicago


  • Cryogenic

    Hmm, well…

    I’m surprised — and not surprised — at how bare and basic the prequel trilogy panel is. The characters are well-drawn and well-placed, but the mural is a bit disappointing, in my opinion. TPM, the colourful beginning of the whole saga, is only represented by four characters, while “Rogue One” and “Solo”, stand-alone spin-off movies, get five and six characters respectively, and the TV show “Rebels” gets seven. Jar Jar should have been included in the TPM panel. As Lucas said: “Jar Jar is the key to all this.” Telling that he has, once again, been excluded. Everyone still seems to regard him as an embarrassment; and, by extension, the prequels as a whole.

    ROTS is also only represented by four characters, excluding the repetition of Anakin and Obi-Wan. No Padme, no Bail, no droids. That’s pretty stinky when Leia shows up in the original trilogy section for each of those movies. So the daughter is valued, but the mother isn’t. But, in Anakin’s words, “It’s worse”. Anakin essentially turns to the Dark Side because of his illicit marriage with Padme and his Faustian desire to save her from harm; so the original trilogy is really a direct outgrowth of the boy-who-would-be-Vader’s mortal panic at the prospect of losing her. Further, Padme births the twins who will become saviours of the galaxy, and Padme is also the “leading light” of the PT, and is practically democracy and goodness personified. Some omission!

    Padme and Jar Jar — erased from those “Jedi Archives” once again! And the droids don’t fare any better in the PT section. Also absent. So who is actually “telling” the story in the PT? This mural feels inherently biased and unbalanced. I don’t see how it would have pained them very much to include a couple more prequel elements. Seems almost petty.

    The original trilogy section has a suitably dense splurging of characters, creatures, and vehicles. To me, it is the best represented, followed by the pre-ANH spin-offs. When the original trilogy sample first appeared, it did its job and whet my appetite for more. But I allowed myself to be misled. The prequel trilogy, and even the sequel trilogy, have been shortchanged by this mural, in my eyes.

      • Slicer87

        TPM should have young Obi-Wan, Jar-Jar, Shimi, Watto, Nute Gunray, and battle droids. Surprisingly, AOTC has the best representation of the PT films in the mural. ROTS should have Commander Cody, Mace Windu, Padme, Bail, Jedi Interceptors, and maybe a burning Jedi temple. I believe part of the problem is that the PT era had to leave room for the pre ANH spinoffs. Kind of surprised they included Rose as she has become the new Jar-Jar.

      • Cryogenic

        @ Slicer:

        Yep. I didn’t go into all the missing characters, but I do thank Joe for pointing out Mace as one of the characters I should have named. I heartily agree with all of your picks. And with your assessment of AOTC in the mural. Strangely, the middle prequel is pretty well done, although it still comes up a little short: No Artoo, Threepio, Zam, Jocasta, Jar Jar, Dex, Watto, Shmi, Yoda, Mace, Kaminoans, Geonosians, or arena creatures.

        What I tried to hint at earlier is that the PT is an amazingly dense film canvas, with a sweeping array of characters, creatures, vehicles, buildings, wipes, and worlds. The sparsity of the prequel section, compared to the OT, is quite galling. If they could manage to pack the OT section tight, what is their excuse with the visually-fecund prequel trilogy?

        A real measure of the difference is to look at the left side of the second and fourth images. You should be looking at most of the ROTS panel and all of the ROTJ panel respectively. If we parse out the various visual elements (also taking into account the first part of the ROTS panel on the right of the first image: i.e., all of the ROTS panel), the breakdown should look something like the following:


        ROTS panel = Four (non-repeating) talking characters:

        Palpatine, Grievous, Anakin, Obi-Wan

        – Venator-class Star Destroyers
        – Mustafarian lava
        – (Possibly) some faint outline of Coruscant or a rotunda in the background


        ROTJ panel = Seven talking characters:

        Vader, Luke, the Emperor, Han, Leia, Jabba, and Wicket

        – The rancor
        – Scout troopers on speeder bikes
        – Jabba’s Palace
        – Jabba’s sail barge
        – AT-STs
        – The second Death Star
        – A TIE Fighter
        – A TIE Interceptor
        – A B-Wing
        – An Imperial shuttle


        Quite a difference.

        The basic outline of the prequel trilogy section is pretty neat. They laid a good foundation that still manages to capture the eye. But it seems they didn’t bother to populate it with half as much stuff. Which, in my opinion, does a deep disservice to these movies we love and cherish so much: fully one-half of Lucas’ epic “twelve hour” tragicomic Skywalker saga.

        And while they may have been trying to leave room for the post-ROTS/pre-ANH spin-offs, as you suggest, they somehow managed to feature more characters in the case of that particular triptych. Furthermore, they left a lot of dead space in the prequel section, especially in the ROTS panel, which could so easily have been properly filled in, instead of looking half-finished.

        One way or another, the snubbing of the prequels under Disney continues, and has maybe reached something like its apotheosis on this mural, which was, after all, designed to harmonise the SW universe and bring the officially-recognised eras of the property into equal standing and alignment.

      • Slicer87

        I agree the PT is dense with many elements that should have been used in the mural. Personally, I think the spinoffs should have been left out as they crowd out the sega films. Notice how even with ANH, Tarkin and Vader are missing? As well as Vader’s Tie Advanced fighter?

        Going back to the PT side, there is almost nothing of the CIS or TF fraction, just Dooku and GG. Thinking about it more, the TPM section should also include a TF battleship, Vulture Droids, and Sidious’s imposing hologram. AOTC section really could stand a super battle droid and Geo starfighters, maybe even a Techno Union Hardcell rocketship. As for ROTS, it should have Droid Tri-fighters and ARC170s.

      • Cryogenic

        @ Slicer:

        You know your hardware! And yeah, Vader not being in the ANH section is also a little odd, and it would have been cool to have Tarkin, as well.

        All that tech which you point out in the prequels is another great expression of Lucas’ visual storytelling. Through such tech, he suggests both a layered world, and a world undergoing a seismic transition. There isn’t a comparable sense of layering or transition, in my opinion, in the sequel trilogy.

        I can see why they included the spin-offs, even if they do make the mural look a little overstuffed. It’s great to have such an expansive piece that celebrates so many slices of the SW universe. I just think it falls a little short and could have been a good deal better.

  • Marshall

    The Clone Wars side is also lacking. We have Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka & Asajj Ventress but why not include Padme and Jar Jar there. What about Satine, the Nightsisters, Cad Bane, Aurra Sing or Bo Katan? And I don’t care what anyone says, I want my Legends: a Wicket, Noa, Charal and Cindel inclusion would’ve been appreciated as the history of SW.

    • Cryogenic

      @ Marshall:

      Indeed. Lots and lots of omissions.

      I still don’t understand why the OT panel is packed densely, and even “Solo” and “Rogue One” are decently done, but “The Clone Wars”, the prequels, sequels, and EU/Legends aspects are much more basic. They didn’t have a lot of time to put this panel together, so maybe they started with the OT and only did the other sections later and they were up against the clock.

      Maybe I harped excessively on the notion that the prequels were being especially snubbed/neglected in my earlier responses here, but, of course, this is a prequel news blog, and also: The prequels and the sequels are the core of Star Wars. The prime data matrix. Lucas indicated as much when he said he sees the six-film saga as “one twelve-hour movie”, and I really think that’s a beautiful way of looking at it.

      So, to me, the mural leaves something to be desired, but I find the somewhat timid and desolate prequel section to be the biggest disappointment. That said, I’ve now seen a picture of the full panel on display (but minus the Episode IX section at the end: blacked out), and it looks more impressive in its full “super widescreen” glory than these segmented images put across.

      • Cryogenic


        “The prequels and the sequels are the core of Star Wars.”

        I meant, of course, the prequels and the originals.

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