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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: a rumor about how Palpatine survived


From Making Star Wars:

Spoiler Warning: Please do not openly share the contents of this article on social media and spoil anyone that does not wish to be spoiled. Everyone has a different view regarding what constitutes a spoiler. Be cool and be careful. Please do not implicate me in your online social faux pas.

As I’ve been going through old notes of work and conversations I conducted throughout the last year, I’ve been able to verify that a lot of the information was pretty on based on the teaser trailer and other leaks related to posters and merchandising. With that in mind, Matt Smith is definitely in the movie. […]

Spoiler Warning Again: If Accurate It Could Be The End of the Film!

A really solid source over the years passed on something they heard internally. But this means this past solid source is using information that is once again somewhat unproven. Otherwise, I’d double down on this being 100% but that said, I trust their judgement and that’s why I’m moving forward with this piece that very well may be wrong. However, I think we should see it as likely but be open to all the possibilities still.

  • The rumor is that Matt Smith isn’t Palpatine reborn or rejuvenated but a dark side acolyte.
  • However, during The Rise of Skywalker, Smith’s character is willfully possessed by the spirit of Emperor Palpatine.
  • During the final act of the film Rey and Kylo team up to fight the Palpatine possessed Matt Smith.
  • The two-on-one duel is pretty intense for the duo.
  • Eventually Kylo Ren kills Palpatine’s host body
  • Palpatine’s spirit then jumps into Kylo Ren’s body.
  • Kylo Ren is strong enough to not lose total control of his mental faculties.
  • Kylo Ren struggles to take control of his body but subdues himself and his weapon while beckoning Rey to kill him.
  • Kylo does the right thing and becomes Ben Solo again as he sacrifices himself to kill Palpatine.
  • Rey having never toyed with the dark side like Kylo Ren and the acolyte did means Palpatine has body evil enough to inhabit.




    • Slicer87

      Similar thing happened with Dark Empire, Lucas suggested to the comic writers to bring Palps back thtough cloning rather than bring back Vader. However, he still did not considered the comic to be a part of his SW universe. Just because Lucas gives some suggestions does not mean he is giving his support. Then again, Lucas considers continuity to be for cowards. Regardless, the flawed storytelling of the ST is based off of deconstructing the OT and PT. Especially the OT, it may be for the best that Disney is down playing the PT rather than screw it up like with the OT being shat on by the SJW infected ST.

    • Carlos

      Except he never said that. He said they met with George Lucas before writing the movie, that doesn’t mean he was consulted or involved in the script like they what you to believe. You know George also has visited the sets of the new movies and The Mandalorian? is he involved in those projects? no. They discarded his stories for the sequels thinking they can do better and now they are using him as a marketing tool just like Lando and Palpatine

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