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‘Star Wars: Roll Out’ animated series announced; watch the teaser trailer

From StarWars.com:

“When Hideo Itoyanagi created an animated retelling of Star Wars: The Force Awakens for Japan, he gained a new fan: Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.

In Itoyanagi’s short, he depicted the heroes and villains of The Force Awakens as BB units, i.e., in the shape of the beloved ball-droid BB-8. It was charming, adorable, and wholly original, and Kennedy wanted more.

“I met her in December 2017 when she came to Japan to promote Episode VIII,” Itoyanagi tells StarWars.com. “On the spot she asked me, ‘Will you create original shorts using your [stylized take on Star Wars] characters?’ I was so surprised.”

And with that, a new series of animated shorts was born.

StarWars.com is excited to announce Star Wars Roll Out, coming to StarWarsKids.com and YouTube.com/StarWarsKids beginning Friday, August 9. Created by Lucasfilm and Itoyanagi, the shorts star fan-favorite heroes of a galaxy far, far away in a bright and vibrant style. You can watch the series trailer below.



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