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The Mandalorian poster revealed


“Twin suns beat down over a dusty desert, and a gunslinger walks alone.

A powerful new poster for the upcoming Disney+ series was revealed today at D23 Expo, offering a glimpse into the world of The Mandalorian. The image, with an almost hand-painted quality, sees the Mandalorian advancing in a harsh, dry terrain, and his ship, the Razorcrest, behind him. Only moisture vaporators decorate the otherwise desolate landscape, while two massive sandcrawlers sit in the far-off distance. The suns shine through the desert haze, and one thing is clear: this is not a place for the weak. See for yourself below.


This is just the first of several reveals for The Mandalorian at D23 Expo. Stay tuned to for more on the highly-anticipated live-action series!

The Mandalorian debuts November 12 on Disney+.


  • Liam Orb

    Hmm. Twin Suns. Sandcrawler. Yep. It’s official. We’re going back to Tatooine for this first live-action Star Wars series.

    • archdukeofnaboo

      @Liam Orb

      Agreed. And unlike Solo or Rogue One, the logo looks pretty cool this time. None of that bright yellow square thingy.

      Be warned though: some commentators on this site are against any and all SW content post-2012 made under Disney. They refuse to give it even a grain of hope.

      Some of us are more optimistic.

      • archdukeofnaboo


        I think TV is where Star Wars should have pivoted a long time ago. We saw it as a success with the animated series (TCW), and it boggles my mind why Lucas never fully pursued ‘Underworld’.

        I’m fed up with these feature films, but I do think there is plenty of hope with this alternative, lengthier format, which has put a lot of 2010s cinema to shame (I’d take Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones before the Marvel or DC movies anyday).

      • Star Wars Hexalogy

        “it boggles my mind why Lucas never fully pursued ‘Underworld’”

        Maybe he eventually would have if it wasn´t for the toxic fans and certain three individuals named Bob, Alan and Kathleen.

      • Stefan K

        We should not forget that he first wanted to make the ST (again) by himself. This idea died when he could not build the studio complex at Skywalker Ranch, which may have been one reason to sell the franchise.
        I would not have been surprised if he also wanted to produce TV content in these studios.
        (Note that I am speculating here, and that I do not remember everything properly, so correct me if am wrong.)

      • archdukeofnaboo

        @Stefan @Liam Orb @Star Wars Hexalogy

        A bit of a promotion here, but I’d like to encourage all of you to join me – and several other prominent Naboo News commentators – on a PT-orientated forum that we’ve putting a lot of effort into getting up and running recently. We’ve got some really interesting threads, like AotC in black and white and a debate over the responsibility of Anakin’s Fall, that you might be able to contribute to.

      • Alexrd

        Well, this is the materialization of the Boba Fett effect on a significant part of fandom. The fandom that sees Star Wars as a western, as opposed to the western being an element of Star Wars. The lone, vagabond ranger in the desert (but not any desert, a Tatooine desert, because they have to pander the crowd who can’t imagine anything outside of it). This is what everyone imagines Boba Fett’s life to be about. And that’s how the EU approached the Mandalorians for years. They made them into a group of Boba Fett wannabes. And it’s that approach they are taking here, to appease that type of fandom. This is a Boba Fett fanfic without Boba Fett (but someone who looks and behaves exactly like him), while using the Mandalorian name to pander those who erroneously equal that to Boba.

        But this is not how Lucas has established things:

        1. Boba Fett is a bounty hunter. His Mandalorian armor is salvaged, he’s not a Mandalorian himself (nor was Jango). He’s unique.

        2. Mandalorians are supercommandos. They have a regimented and militaristic way of life. They aren’t a bunch of vagrant mercs with customized armor (read: Boba Fett wannabes).

        Lucas managed to established all of that in his works. But Disney doesn’t care about that. They care about taking the elements they know people like, without respect, care or logic, and give it to those who are willing to close their eyes and eat it all up.

        This is The Farce Awakens all over again, only on TV.

    • Liam Orb

      Wow. Aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine. And, I disagree with the last part by the way. That doesn’t look like the way I see it. But, never mind. More for me, less for you.

      Also, I assume your claim that Disney doesn’t care about what Lucas established is because you read the synopsis for The Mandalorian. Well, let me make things more clearer than the synopsis would have believe:

      1. In the synopsis, they say “after the tales of Boba and Jango, a new warrior rises”, even though you feel the synopsis is trying to purposefully retcon George’s notes that Jango wasn’t Mandalroian. Well, I don’t see that part to be true. Note how they don’t use the term “Mandalorian” before “warrior”. That could mean this is a warrior who calls himself “The Mandalorian” because he’s a bounty hunter in Mandalorian armor, which Jango and Boba never did BTW (oh and also Favreau referred to him as a bounty hunter, too), and it’s another way of seeing a warrior as a bounty hunter, like how the “Clone Wars” Season 2 episode “Bounty Hunters” showed bounty hunters as warriors (Sugi wielding a blade and Embo, for obvious reasons) or warriors with Samurai-like armor (Seripas).

      2. On you feeling The Mandalorian is going to tread too much fan nostalgia like The Force Awakens (which I have a fairer way of calling it than you do, ANH 2.0), I just don’t feel that way, because while one could perceive Tatooine’s return as fan fiction, it’s better than going to another planet that looks like Tatooine (Jakku). And, it could be telling new stories in a better way than the Sequel Trilogy (or as I see it the OT 2.0) ever could.

      So, in a squarely ranked hierarchy based on the difference of our level of critical thinking and Star Wars knowledge, the disparity between us is too vast to quantify.

      • Alexrd

        A ray of sunshine? No, I’m not. Don’t expect me to be a ray of sunshine after Disney’s track record and MO. It won’t happen.

        Anyway, it seems you completely missed the point of what I said. I’ll clarify.

        1. They don’t need to say that Jango and Boba are Mandalorians. They probably won’t say. Actually, they probably won’t be mentioned at all (they shouldn’t be, but you never know with Disney). That’s besides the point.

        The approach they are taking is based on the premiss that they are seen as Mandalorians (and Mandalorians are seen as Boba Fetts) by the general audience and they are taking advantage of (and banking on) it by taking a Mandalorian and turning him into Boba Fett in all but name. It’s basically a Boba Fett fanfic with a different name. This is beyond obvious, shouldn’t be something up to debate, even if one likes that sort of thing. They aren’t even hiding it with their marketing. It’s taking two established and different concepts, meshing them together and putting it out there for the masses. Said concepts are now cheapened and misrepresented, but it looks “cool” and “edgy”, so the masses won’t care.

        2. You’re arguing as if there are only two options. Yes, having Tatooine is better than Tatooine in all but name (Jakku), but they could go to a different location. A new location. If they can’t manage that, then a less explored location. This is playing safe for the sake of playing safe.
        Same with being better than the sequel trilogy. As if that’s a high bar to surpass. Telling better stories than that trainwreck should be expected. I don’t have a problem with the stories they can tell (for now). I have a problem with the premiss of this whole project. Of once again, tarnishing what Lucas established for a quick buck.

      • Marshall

        “Aren’t you a ray of sunshine”? Really? I think Disney is paying people to go to blogs, websites and forums and shred anyone that doesn’t convert to their cult. Or they’re just that insecure about anyone that doesn’t like Disney Wars/Marvel/Live action remakes because they’re afraid to admit these projects aren’t very well thought out.

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